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Magis CenterNovember 15, 20232 min read

Are Science and Faith Compatible?

Follow the Lead Podcast welcomes Father Spitzer to answer the question of whether or not science and faith are compatible. Father Spitzer has extensive experience on the subject of science and faith, accumulating multiple degrees from a plethora of universities. In the podcast, he claims that science and faith are deeply compatible, and to assert otherwise goes in the face of the facts.

Co-Existence of Science and Faith 

According to Father Spitzer, currently, 51% of scientists consider themselves to believe in God, while 41% would call themselves agnostic or atheistic. Young scientists demonstrate an even larger belief in God, with 66% claiming to believe in God. Father Spitzer claims there has been a radical shift in the scientific community, and denying the existence of a transcendent creator goes against both science and faith. 

Science and Faith in BVG Theorem

The universe has a beginning. Father Spitzer explains how the Borde, Vilinkein, and Gouth theorem demonstrates how the universe can be proven to have a beginning, which implies the existence of an intelligent creator. Additionally, the low entropy and fine-tuning of our universe leads many scientists to believe that our universe was brought into creation in an extremely intelligent manner, ultimately pointing to the reality of an intelligent designer.

Science and Faith in Education 

A need for proper education in science and faith is becoming increasingly important. Many consider science to be the only source of truth, according to Father Spitzer. Since cultural propaganda of the primacy of science is so strong, Father Spitzer developed a curriculum to present the reality that science and faith are wholly compatible. There are seven modules that can be implemented into any Theology course, ultimately demonstrating to the next generation that science and faith have a profound relationship that can reveal the truth, beauty, and goodness written into the world. 

Watch and Learn about Science and Faith

Below, you can watch the entire episode with Fr. Spitzer.

Continue Learning about Science and Faith with Fr. Spitzer's New Book

Fr. Spitzer's book Science at the Doorstep to God synthesizes eight recent studies confirming an intelligent creator of physical reality as well as a transphysical soul capable of surviving bodily death. Combining the natural scientific method, metaphysical method, medical studies, anthropological and genetics studies, and phenomenological descriptions shows how each distinct method and data set reinforces the others; this book is great for anyone wanting to continue learning about the relationship between science and faith.


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