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Magis Institute for Teachers and Catechists

Learning Opportunities at Magis Institute

Certificate in Contemporary Apologetics

Granted in partnership with Catholic Distance University, Magis Institute's Certificate in Contemporary Apologetics equips you to answer your students' toughest questions on the Faith.

  • Made of 7 online courses; each takes 1 to 2 hours to complete
  • Earn a certificate that you can take to your diocese, school, or parish for continuing education hours—accepted as a Catechist Certification in many dioceses
  • Magis Institute Membership included

Magis Institute Membership

Join our community! For $6.99/month you can gain access to our learning portal with resources such as:

  • The Most Asked Questions video series
  • An exclusive forum where teachers, parents, and adult students can ask experts their most pressing questions
  • The Best Practices video series where teachers share methodology on how to integrate Credible Catholic content into religious education curricula

While earning a Certificate in Contemporary Apologetics, you are automatically enrolled in the membership. 

Individual Courses

Take an individual course on a wide range of topics—a great option for content-specific educators that only need apologetical instruction on a certain subject, such as science, history, philosophy, or the soul. See course list.

Enroll in a Course

All courses are included in the Certification in Contemporary Apologetics. Courses are also available to purchase individually. 

Evidence of a Transphysical Soul

Why do the majority of scientists believe in God and why are 88% of physicians religiously affiliated? It seems that science and religion are not opposed to one another, and that scientists and physicians have considerable openness to religion and the supernatural.

Evidence for God from Contemporary Science

There is a long and strong relationship between the natural sciences and the Catholic Church. Today, the evidence for an intelligent transphysical creator is stronger than ever before despite the proliferation of many hypothetical new models of physical reality which at first seem to suggest the non-necessity of a creator.

Proof of God and Relevant Questions

The “whole of reality” cannot be composed of only caused realities. There must be at least one uncaused reality in the “whole of reality” that does not need a cause to exist, and therefore, exists through itself. This proof is quite straight forward and is not denied by most of the realist philosophical community.

Evidence for Jesus and His Divinity

Those who have read the New Testament with care will probably have discovered the worthiness of its authors. After considering the worthiness of the Gospel writers, we will examine several kinds of evidence to validate the historicity of the Gospels.

Why the Catholic Church

In a culture emphasizing autonomy and freedom, it is difficult to understand why we need a church, let alone, the Catholic Church. This Course attempts to clarify and redress: why we need a church; why the Catholic Church; the major benefits and graces of the Catholic Church; and controversial issues in the Church today.


Happiness and Purpose in Life

Perhaps the most general definition of happiness (from a philosophical perspective) is, “the fulfillment of desire” (whether that desire be superficial or sublime). It is incumbent upon us to discover what our major desires are—what drives us; what we yearn for; and what we seek for satisfaction and fulfillment.

Making Sense of Suffering

The Catholic perspective on suffering is deep and rich, going back to the reflections and Cross of Jesus and elaborated through the words and lives of countless saints. This Course covers four fundamental issues that can help you interpret suffering in light of faith to bring you closer to the Lord and onto the path to eternal salvation.



Whether you're seeking a certification, access to a community of apologists, or looking to gain knowledge in a specific apologetical area, you're in the right place.

Choose From 3 Learning Paths
Become a Member

Join our community and gain access to all our teaching resources, including the Most Asked Questions video series.

Take a Course

Choose from 7 engaging apologetics topics. All courses are online and take 1-2 hours to complete.

Earn a Certification

Granted in partnership with Catholic Distance University, the certification meets many dioceses' learning requirements for Catechists. 


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