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Answers to Catholic Questions

Get a Sneak Peek into Fr. Spitzer's Most Asked Questions! 

Catholic Questions about Science


Has Science Disproved God?

What do we know about the relationship between God and science? Father Spitzer explains how science is integral to God’s design.


Are Most Scientists Atheists?

Did you know a Catholic priest introduced the scientific method and the Big Bang to science? The Catholic Church plays a large role in the development of science and Father Spitzer explains most scientists are not atheists.


Is the Catholic Church Against the Big Bang Theory?

Did you know Father George Lemaître, the founder of the Big Bang, and Albert Einstein were friends? The Catholic Church has been integral to the development of science. 

Catholic Questions about Purpose in Suffering


How Can I Be Really Happy and Move Beyond Sadness and Depression?

Did you know there are four levels of happiness? Find out the four levels of happiness and how to attain the higher levels.


Why Would an All-Loving God Allow Suffering?

Can suffering help us? Find out why God would allow suffering and how it can lead us to the path of salvation.


Why Does God Allow Some People to Suffer More Than Others?

There is a lot of suffering in the world. Can it be an opportunity? Do disadvantages allow for greater faith and love?


Why Does God Allow Wars, Genocides, Plagues, and other Disasters?

Disasters of all kinds can lead to advances in communities and can help transform the human spirit.

Bonus Most Asked Questions Videos


Is the Devil Real?

Is the devil a myth? Does evil exist as an entity or does evil merely happen by chance? Father Spitzer discusses these questions with examples.


Do I Really Need a Church To Be Happy?

Can I be spiritual and not religious? Are there consequences? Father Spitzer discusses how a Church provides a closer connection to God and a faith-based community, leading to true fulfillment.


What’s So Special About the Catholic Church?

Is there any difference between the Catholic Church and other institutions? Father Spitzer explains how Jesus and the Catholic Church brought to the world most of what is foundational to daily life today.

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