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Magis Institute

Faith and Science Video Series

Who This Series is For: 

Faith Formation: Men, Women, Outreach, Youth Ministry, RCIA, Diaconate Formation, and Educators! 

What You Will Learn:

In this series, Father Spitzer S.J., Ph.D. will walk you through:

  • The scientific evidence for God
  • Philosophical proofs of God's existence
  • The historicity of Jesus‘ miracles and Resurrection
  • The reasons to be Catholic
  • Why an all-loving God would allow suffering
  • Medical evidence for our transphysical soul
  • True Happiness

Gain unlimited access to Fr. Spitzer's new "The Catholic Faith and Science."

Recommended Donation:

  • Individual Use: $50
  • Parish/Group Use: $1,000

If you or your group are unable to donate the recommended amount, we ask that you donate what you can afford.

Resources Needed:


20-week series broken into 20-30 minute videos that can be split into 2 parts or viewed in continuity.

Got questions about this series? Get in touch with a with a Magis Center Representative here.