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Purposeful Universe Videos

In these award-winning videos, biologist Dan Kuebler and other experts discuss the science that impacts our understanding of God, the cosmos, and ourselves.

Videos about Cosmology

Watch to learn about different cosmological theories and the science that governs our universe.
Free video series: Evidence for the Big Bang | Image of a tablet featuring a video of space with the title "3 Key Pieces of Evidence"

Videos about Biological Evolution

Learn about the incredible order demonstrated in biological evolution, and watch videos about scientific discoveries and positioning on evolution.

Videos about Consciousness

Why are humans the only species with rational and sophisticated minds? Understanding consciousness can lead to a better understanding of the role of humans within our universe, and whether purpose may exist in our lives. Watch these videos to learn about the human brain, consciousness and psychology.

Videos about the Purpose of Life

If there is purpose in the universe, then there must be purpose in our lives. Watch compelling conversations with brilliant scientists about the purpose of life.

Short Videos

Only have a minute? Watch these short videos with thought-provoking answers to big questions about science, the universe, and purpose in the cosmos.

Is The Earth Unique?

Space Water, Anyone?

Extraterrestrial Bacteria

Order In The Universe

Science and Curiosity

James Webb Telescope

What Makes a Habitable Planet?

The Current State Of Telescopes In Astronomy