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Today, many youth believe faith and science are mutually exclusive and God is just an illusion. Please consider helping the Magis Center change this trend by submitting a monetary gift.  

Ways to Donate to the Magis Center

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With a Donor Subscription, support ongoing online support, resources, and educational materials. 

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Help us create and promote quality educational materials to keep young people in the Church. 
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Magis Center
Tower of Hope, 9th Floor
12141 Lewis Street
Garden Grove, CA  92840

For questions or inquiries please contact customer service. We are a Non-profit 501c3 corporation, and donations are tax deductible. You will receive a letter to certify your donation if it is over $100 or requested.

Your Generosity Continues to Support

  • Free public resources to those searching for answers online
  • Faith and Science and Moral Apologetics curricula for middle and high schoolers
  • Catechetical training for teachers
  • Many more books, videos, and articles that give scientific, rational evidence for God, Jesus, and the Church

"Faith and reason are like two wings
on which the human spirit rises
to the contemplation of truth."

—Saint John Paul II: Fides et Ratio