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Magis Institute for Clergy

Through ongoing formation, the Institute for Clergy helps priests and deacons thrive as holy men of God and true spiritual fathers


We have worked with over 50 dioceses over the years to learn what challenges our clergy are facing. We've surveyed priests, deacons and bishops, and here are just some of our learnings:

  • Priests and deacons lack holistic, fraternal community.
  • Communication among fellow priests, deacons, and bishops is difficult.
  • Pastors do not have enough support, and they are not sure what to do about it.
  • There is cultural dissonance caused by gaps spanning generations, spiritual disciplines, personal interests, ethnic backgrounds and more.
  • Geographical distance between parishes increases isolation for many priests.
  • Some priests are discouraged and have lost their spiritual fervor.


We want to help clergy find the joyful holiness that bears abundant fruit in the lives of the faithful. In helping bishops care for their priests and deacons, our work cuts right to the heart of the matter—we cannot have vibrant churches without holy and healthy clergy. 

We focus on:

  • Accompanying and healing the hearts of priests and deacons
  • Forming men of prayer
  • Fostering fraternity


  • Higher morale individually and collectively throughout the clergy
  • Deeper relationship with the Lord in prayer, leading to greater spiritual and apostolic inspiration and fervor
  • Increased sense of self-efficacy, confidence, and satisfaction within the priesthood and diaconate 
  • Realign priestly identity from administrator to spiritual father, considering also the role of our deacons
  • Enhanced ability to inspire faith and hope of parishioners
  • Stronger sense of unity and fraternity
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The Magis Center is ready to assist bishops in creatively addressing the unique needs of their priests through:

Clergy Culture Inventories

Our Culture Inventories assess the cultural climate of presbyterates and diaconates. Gathering insights from all diocesan clergy results in forming fraternal relationships and developing ongoing formation programs. Seminaries also use this tool to improve their curricula by assessing formation outcomes of their alumni.

Priest Convocations

Our convocations feature content that enlightens and inspires priests with the latest findings in science, reason and faith. Topics are based on Fr. Spitzer’s Essential Modules and can be mixed and matched for convocation presentations with small group discussion and pastoral/spiritual applications.

Ongoing Formation programs for Priests and Deacons

Our clergy face difficult situations that require ongoing support and accompaniment in human, spiritual, and pastoral formation.  We can adapt our curricula to meet the needs and schedules of your clergy.

The Priestly Spirituality Series

With the help of noted authors we have created 25 videos on priestly spirituality intended to enhance discussion on topics that matter for fraternal groups.


Dioceses We Have Served

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More about Magis Institute for Clergy

Magis Institute for Clergy (formerly Spitzer Center) exists to empower Catholic clergy to optimize the quality and delivery of their pastoral and spiritual services, and to strengthen morale and team behaviors.  We do this through a unique blend education rooted in the Four Levels of Happiness and built upon classical philosophical and Catholic theological insight. We are:

  • Catholic: our curriculum is built on the rock of classical philosophical and Catholic theological traditions. We borrow from Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, Scripture, Saints and Doctors of the Church, the Catechism, and Church Documents to provide an accessible teaching of happiness and virtue. 
  • Positive: with findings from the emerging field “Positive Psychology," our approach emphasizes human flourishing, cultivation of the Cardinal virtues, and development of human potential. We teach principles and practical techniques for building good habits and increasing trust and creativity.
  • Profound: our curricula is not a quick-fix, superficial approach. Rather it is a deliberate progression, over a defined period, toward a clear vision of a dynamic and faith-filled culture. 
  • Multi-disciplinary: our teachings are a synthesis of wisdom from 150 prominent sources over more than two millennia. It represents Fr. Robert Spitzer’s research and insights from the fields of psychology, philosophy, theology, and management science.
  • Engaging: the professionally facilitated series integrates video instruction featuring Fr. Robert Spitzer, poignant and entertaining movie clips, power points, music samples, and online resources. Our method is also highly interactive—with exercises, discussion at table, and personal reflection.

Contact us for more info!

For more info, or to bring one of our programs to your diocese, please contact us.