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Magis Center Blog

Magis Center Blog

Magis CenterSeptember 23, 20223 min read

The Padre Pio Miracle that Led to His Beatification

The St. Padre Pio's miracle that led to his beatification: the case of Consiglia De Martino, a married woman with three children from Salerno, Italy.
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John ClarkSeptember 20, 20226 min read

The Trilemma Of C. S. Lewis, Part Three: Was Jesus A Liar?

Was Jesus a liar? John Cark examines the factors of fame and money in the first component of the C.S. Lewis Trilema.
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Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D.August 31, 20225 min read

Was the story of Jesus actually lifted from the Egyptian Horus myth?

Father Spitzer shows that the gospel accounts of Jesus' life are definitely not a retelling of the Egyptian myth of Horus, the god of the sun.
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John ClarkAugust 12, 20227 min read

The Trilemma Of C.S. Lewis, Part Two: Did Jesus Claim To Be God?

Before breaking down the C.S. Lewis Trilema, John Clark first answers the question of 'did Jesus claim to be God?'
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John ClarkJune 8, 20227 min read

The Trilemma of C. S. Lewis: Is There Evidence That Jesus Lived?

John Clark seeks to answer whether there is evidence that Jesus lived in the first installment of his C.S. Lewis Trilema series.
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Magis CenterMay 13, 20223 min read

A Lawyer, a Journalist, and a Scientist Detail the Miracle of the Sun

A look into witnesses' accounts of the occurrence of the Miracle of the Sun at the Cova da Iria in Fatima.
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Magis CenterMarch 18, 20225 min read

The Eucharistic Miracle Pope Francis Witnessed in Buenos Aires

The scientific validation and possible frauds associated with the Pope Francis Eucharistic miracle that occurred in Buenos Aires.
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Dr. Robert Kurland, Ph.D.June 5, 20218 min read

23 Famous Scientists Who Are Not Atheists

Many atheists are of the opinion that you cannot be a good scientist if you are deluded by religious faith. Let's put the kibosh to that opinion.
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Maggie Ciskanik, M.S.May 12, 20213 min read

Fr. George Coyne, SJ: Astrophysicist, Priest, and Former Director of the Vatican Observatory

Fr. George Coyne, SJ, passed away February 14, 2020. As an astrophysicist, priest, and former director of the Vatican Observatory, he was a remarkable man.
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Magis CenterFebruary 7, 202119 min read

Proof of a Soul from the Transcendentals and Our Interior Sense of God

Plato argued for proof of a soul from transcendental desires. We can also find evidence from the numen, the sacred in the world, and conscience.
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Dr. Robert Kurland, Ph.D.December 30, 20205 min read

Science: God’s Gift to Man

What does God intend when he gives us gifts? He means to give us joy, make us better, and glorify him. Science is one such gift from God.
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Magis CenterSeptember 17, 20203 min read

New Video Campaign Explores the Impressive Level of Order in the Universe—and the Purpose That it Implies

The Magis Center’s new John Templeton funded campaign, The Purposeful Universe, looks at an evolutionary system guided by order in physics and chemistry.
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