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Maggie Ciskanik, M.S.

Armed with a B.A. in Philosophy and a minor in science, Ciskanik landed in a graduate nursing program. With the support of her enthusiastic husband, an interesting career unfolded while the family grew: a seven year stint mostly as a neurology nurse, 15 years as a homeschooling mom of six, and a six year sojourn as curriculum developer and HS science teacher (which included teaching students with cognitive differences). These experiences added fuel to her lifelong interest in all things related to God’s creation and the flourishing of the human spirit—which has found a new home on the Magis blog.

Blog Post by Maggie Ciskanik, M.S.

Maggie Ciskanik, M.S.August 31, 20206 min read

The Value of Science in the Age of CRISPR

Among advances in medicine and technology is the capability of “gene editing” via a technique known as CRISPR; bu what are the bioethical considerations?
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Maggie Ciskanik, M.S.August 31, 20204 min read

The Truth. How do we know it when we see it?

Two blog posts cannot exhaust the complex issues of how the human mind “knows” and how we make judgments about what is “true.”
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Maggie Ciskanik, M.S.August 7, 20203 min read

Perseverance, Ingenuity, and the Mission to Mars

Last month, NASA launched Perseverance, NASA’s newest addition to the robotic Mars Exploration program, with Ingenuity Mar’s Helicopter attached to it.
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Maggie Ciskanik, M.S.July 31, 20206 min read

Gregor Mendel and Charles Darwin: Two Men and a Theory

Scientists Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel were contemporaries. Mendel certainly knew of Charles Darwin, but did Darwin ignore Gregor Mendel's work?
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Maggie Ciskanik, M.S.July 17, 20207 min read

Gregor Mendel: Priest, Teacher, Abbot, and Avid Beekeeper

Known as the "father of genetics," Gregor Mendel was also a priest, teacher, and abbot, raised bees, recorded meteorological data, and tracked sunspots!
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Maggie Ciskanik, M.S.July 3, 20206 min read

Is Free Will an Illusion?

If we're hardwired to respond to situations in a particular way, should we despair of ever being able to change? This brings up the question of free will.
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Maggie Ciskanik, M.S.June 17, 20204 min read

Made in His Image: the Social Synapse and the Neurobiology of Connection

The data is in: we are hardwired for connection and social interactions. Not a surprise—for God is a community of love, and we are made in His image.
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Maggie Ciskanik, M.S.June 6, 20205 min read

Made in God’s Image; or Are We?

Should the idea of our being “made in the image of God” should be set aside since it has been disproved by science? Dr. Marie George answers.
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Maggie Ciskanik, M.S.May 29, 20205 min read

Challenging Heliocentrism: The 'Great Debate' of 1920

At the turn of the last century, a little remembered but dramatic debate took place between prominent astronomers Harlow Shapely and Heber Curtis.
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Maggie Ciskanik, M.S.May 24, 20205 min read

Leader of the Human Genome Project Receives 2020 Templeton Prize

This year's Templeton Prize was awarded to the scientist who led Human Genome Project and whose work testifies to the haromony between faith and science.
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Maggie Ciskanik, M.S.May 18, 20207 min read

St. John Paul II on the 100th Anniversary of His Birth

Today, May 18, would have been St. John Paul the Great’s 100th birthday. The tributes and memories shared around the world are many and heartfelt!
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Maggie Ciskanik, M.S.May 11, 20206 min read

Hidden Figures in the Story of DNA 

If someone asked you who discovered DNA, what answer would you give? The correct answer: all of the above contributed in some way—and many others!
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