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Bill Schmitt

Bill Schmitt is a journalist, educator, and marketing communications specialist who recently completed his third semester as an adjunct professor of English at Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, IN. He served on the communications staff of the University of Notre Dame from 2003 to 2017, managing many projects and joining in a wide range of multimedia, interdisciplinary collaborations. Since then, his freelance work has included feature-writing, editing, podcasting, and blogging, with much of his work centered on the Catholic faith. Bill holds a BA from Fordham University and an MPA from the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. Find his work at,, and billschmitt-onword on Linked-In.

Blog Post by Bill Schmitt

Bill Schmitt8 min read

The Pop-Culture “Catechism” and “Spotlight” Evangelization

Today, evangelization is faced with many obstacles in the modern world. Read Bill Schmitt's call for spotlight evangelization and its importance.
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Bill Schmitt4 min read

Let 'Gaslighting' Illuminate the Need for Truth

Merriam-Webster’s 2022 word of the year, 'gaslighting,' brings a timely catechetical relevance: a need for truth in today's culture.
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Bill Schmitt4 min read

PSA: There's a Better Way to Contemplate the 'Ultimate Bad News'

As New York releases a PSA about a nuclear attack, what should our response as Christians be? The Church offers alternative ways of contemplating death.
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Bill Schmitt3 min read

The Teacher and the Call to Catechize

In this article, we explain that all teachers are called to catechize and what it catechizing your students really looks like.
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Bill Schmitt6 min read

Lenten Consecration That Speaks to Mary and Us

Commentary on Pope Francis' recent consecration of Russia and Ukraine, hoping to inspire others to pursue an enriched Lenten experience.
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Bill Schmitt11 min read

Between the Lines, Young Writers Reveal Hope

Ultimate happiness and culture-healing result from teaching skills that allow students to use meaningful communication and push conversations forward.
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Bill Schmitt7 min read

Jordan Peterson Returns, and We See Ourselves

I feel duty-bound to bring the good news that a spiritually enriching drama is now playing on You Tube: the return of Jordan B. Peterson, Ph.D.
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Bill Schmitt5 min read

Happiness and the Jordan Peterson Factor

Jordan Peterson’s desire for self-empowering disciplines to replace sloppy secularism can launch us beyond ego comparison—where so many people are trapped.
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Bill Schmitt4 min read

What Are You ‘Shopping' For this Christmas Season?

The Christmas season, brings the fulfillment of our deepest needs and desires, tied to our human destiny and truly what all of us are “shopping” for.
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Bill Schmitt4 min read

An Elevator for Levels of Happiness: More to Say than Small Talk

Today’s culture appreciates minor chit-chat in elevators—without fully embracing the call to raise society’s real happiness to higher levels.
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