“Father, What would be the Church’s reaction/response if intelligent life was found on another planet in the universe?

“John, 8th grade”

Christianity Extraterrestrial Life

Dear John,

Thank you. You have asked a very fine question.

There is certainly a possibility that other life forms could be discovered. These life forms could be intelligent.

Some physicists believe that despite the large number of stars in our universe that the conditions necessary for life (including the right kind of stars, planets, abundance of water, left-spinning molecules, etc.) are so improbable that intelligent life forms besides our own are unlikely.

In any case, if intelligent life were found, our obligation would be to tell them about Jesus Christ, and then, if they are willing, baptize them and start churches on the other planet.

I am sure that is how the missionaries to the new world felt when they first arrived on our shores.

My Christianity is the product of their efforts.

God Bless you.

Father Spitzer

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