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Magis CenterApril 17, 20211 min read

Vatican Observatory Launches New Website, Podcast, and Online Shop

The Vatican Observatory, established by the Holy See for astronomical research, has just launched a brand new website, podcast, and online store.

Many of our Magis Center readers will be familiar will Br. Guy J. Consolmagno, S.J., director and president of the Vatican Observatory, as we often repost his insightful articles from the Observatory's online magazine, Sacred Space Astronomy. We also often share articles from Christopher Graney, adjunct scholar at the Vatican Observatory, editor of the Vatican Observatory Faith and Science pages, and frequent columnist for Sacred Space Astronomy. 

The Mission of the Vatican Observatory 

According to their website, the Observatory "supports a dozen priests and brothers (Jesuits and diocesan) from four continents who study the universe utilizing modern scientific methods."

They also work with "the Vatican Observatory Foundation to promote education and public engagement in astronomy, and constructive dialogue in the area of faith and science." 

New Website, Podcast, and Online Store

Find links to their new website, podcast, and online store below

Also, see Br. Guy Consolmagno's articles featured on the Magis Center blog here and here. See Christopher Graney's article here and here.

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