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Lindsay RudegeairFebruary 15, 20181 min read

The Map to Moral Conversion: Moral Conversion Series #6

In this series on moral conversion, we've traced these steps with the ultimate goal of happiness in mind:

  1. A good moral life is necessary to fulfill our innate desire for the noble and transcendent.
  2. Moral conversion (a good moral life) is enhanced through spiritual conversion.
  3. There is a battle of the lower self vs. the higher self within us all and we need to teach the higher self to conquer the lower self.
  4. An effective method of reinforcing the higher self is through Dr. Albert Bandura’s method of visualization and affirmation.
  5. An effective way of practicing visualization and affirmation is through incorporating it into the General Examen of St. Ignatius of Loyola (FREE PDF INCLUDED).  

As we engage in the process of replacing the lower self with the higher self, we may enter an intermediary zone - such as St. Paul experienced for 20 years between his conversion and the writing of Romans 7:15-25. During this period, our lower self and higher self will likely be in a struggle with one another. But don't get discouraged!

The more we deepen our spiritual conversion and use our affirmations and visualizations, the stronger and more preeminent our higher selves will become and the further we will go on our journey to moral conversion.