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Lindsay RudegeairMay 4, 20239 min read

The Spiritual Meaning of Depression

Since a person is both body and soul, it is possible to have a spiritual meaning of depression as well as just a physical meaning.
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Lindsay RudegeairSeptember 20, 20186 min read

Why Do Catholics think Jesus is Actually In the Eucharist? (VIDEO)

At the Last Supper, Jesus made it clear that He intended that the Eucharist be His real body and blood. Fr. Spitzer provides evidence from Jesus' words...
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Lindsay RudegeairSeptember 3, 20184 min read

This Labor Day, How Can We Work Like St. Joseph?

With over 52% of Americans reporting dissatisfaction at work, what can we do to find purpose in “meaningless” jobs, and work like St. Joseph?
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Lindsay RudegeairAugust 15, 20181 min read

Two-Part Podcast Interview with Fr. Spitzer on the Man-Up Show

This two-part podcast interview with Fr. Robert Spitzer on the Man-Up Show focuses on evidence for God and the battle to reconcile faith and science.
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Lindsay RudegeairJuly 4, 20183 min read

How these Two Jesuit Priests Exemplify C.S. Lewis' Definition of Friendship

National Catholic Register points to Fathers Robert Spitzer and William Watson as example of true friendship, and we think C.S. Lewis would agree.
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Lindsay RudegeairMay 26, 2018< 1 min read

Quieting the Mind: The Path to Prayer

How do we quiet the mind to better hear the Holy Spirit, especially when we are suffering? In order to have a quiet mind for a fulfilling prayer life, we must trust God, and in order to trust God we m
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Lindsay RudegeairMay 18, 20184 min read

What is a Near Death Experience?

A brush with death is often described as a "near death experience", but, from the scientific point of view, it's not. Scientists use specific parameters to determine what incidents they study as NDEs,
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Lindsay RudegeairMay 11, 20183 min read

6 FREE Resources for Religious Conversion

For May, the Pope has asked the faithful around the world to pray for evangelization, something we usually consider the task of missionaries and that guy handing out bibles on the street. But evangeli
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Lindsay RudegeairMay 7, 20182 min read

When Prayer Doesn't Help

What should we do if we have a healthy prayer life, but feel like something's missing? A viewer asks Fr. Spitzer if she is being tested when she finds herself growing impatient and angry with others a
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Lindsay RudegeairApril 13, 2018< 1 min read

Where did Jesus' Y-Chromosome come from?

Jesus, as fully man, must have had a Y-chromosome, but since he was born of the Virgin Mary, where did it come from? Fr. Spitzer responds to this question.
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Lindsay RudegeairApril 6, 20182 min read

Catching up with Fr. Spitzer

Catching up with Fr. Spitzer
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Lindsay RudegeairApril 5, 20182 min read

Inconsistencies in Scripture

Can we believe the scriptural accounts of Jesus' passion, even though there are inconsistencies? Fr. Spitzer tackles this question in this clip from EWTN's Fr. Spitzer's Universe. To determine if we c
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