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Dr Jeanne Zehr on Purposeful Lab Podcast.
Purposeful UniverseMarch 26, 20242 min read

Purposeful Lab: How to Unleash Your Mind’s Full Potential

Dr. Jeanne Zehr of the MINDCAP Center for Cognitive Advantage joins Dan and Catherine on Purposeful Lab Podcast to discuss how to unleash your mind's full potential. For anyone suffering from COVID brain fog to dyslexia to just wanting to improve your cognitive functions, this episode is for you. Dr. Zehr brings a wealth of knowledge to show just how amazing our brains really are and how they are so capable for positive change.


Can Human Brain Capacity be Increased?

Dr. Zehr begins by discussing her mentor, Reuven Feuerstein, who posited that the development of the human brain is far more complex than many have been led to believe. Dr. Feuerstein developed a theory of structural cognitive modifiability. He believed that the human brain could undergo cognitive development well into adulthood and was hired by the Israeli government to aid in the healing process of Holocaust victims. He helped create a human-to-human program that focused on helping victims of PTSD get their thinking back.

Breakthroughs in Cognitive Development

Dr. Zehr continues by explaining how, through the MINDCAP program, increases in IQ have been seen even after patients have left the program. This means that the cognitive methods used in MINDCAP are strong enough to exhibit continuous development even without active participation in the program.

The MINDCAP approach prioritizes asking questions and giving individuals ample time to respond. This allows patients to think deeply about the questions being posed and develop in-depth answers. The method centers around three essential questions:

  1. What do you see?
  2. What do you think is going to be the challenge?
  3. How are you going to start? What is your plan?

By asking questions, patients are able to be methodical in problem-solving and become more proficient over time. The MINDCAP method can work with all types of people, such as everyday workers, people with ADHD, individuals suffering from concussions, and victims of trauma. Instead of talking about behavior, MINDCAP focuses on the brain.

Take a Listen

This episode demonstrates that the manner in which the mind can achieve a greater potential is often overlooked. The mind is infinitely complex and capable of developing well into adulthood. The MINDCAP program exhibits how many problems, such as ADHD and trauma, can be helped in a holistic way rather than relying simply on medications. The brain has the potential to be healed through cognitive practices and problem-solving strategies, which have been shown to have great success through Dr. Zehr’s research and the MINDCAP center.     




Purposeful Universe

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