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Magis CenterDecember 27, 20232 min read

Journey to Excellence Academy and Catholic Education 

In this episode, the Follow the Lead podcast welcomes Father Spitzer to discuss Catholic education. In particular, the Journey to Excellence Academy is a faith-based professional development program offered by the Magis Center

Father Spitzer tackles contemporary issues in Catholic education, the problems that students face in the modern world, and potential solutions to bridge the gap between faith and science

What is Lacking in Catholic Education? 

When asked what is most lacking in Catholic education, Father Spitzer provides two primary reasons. The first is that we do not have enough courses in faith and science. 

According to recent studies, around 50% of Catholics leave the faith because they believe faith and science cannot coexist. Many students have been convinced that having faith is unreasonable because science disproves the existence of anything immaterial. Since the majority of Catholic students live in a materialistic world, it is often hard to come to any other conclusion. 

Because of the skepticism by students that faith and science are compatible, Father Spitzer has helped develop The Catholic Faith and Science course, which can be found in the Magis Center Store and on the Sofia Institute for Teachers website. The course can be implemented into a curriculum so that students can begin to realize that science and faith ultimately inform each other of the truth.

Catholic Education is not Insensitive

Another reason why many students in Catholic education leave the faith is because they believe that Catholicism is insensitive to minority groups. However, as Father Spitzer explains, that is not the case. The Catholic Church is founded upon love and acceptance of all people as intrinsically valuable. In fact, since the loss of religion and standard moral practice, there has been a 150% increase in suicide, depression, and anxiety. Additionally, studies from the American Psychology Association have demonstrated that those who are not religiously affiliated are at a substantially high risk of mental illness.  

Reform in Catholic Education 

Father Spitzer claims that Catholic education does many good things but is failing at explaining scientific evidence. In order for a spiritual conversion to occur, students must first undergo an intellectual conversion. Students need a devout, convicted, and intellectual conversion in the times that we face. Father Spitzer’s Journey to Excellence Academy is one solution that offers professional development to form Catholic leaders to tackle modern cultural problems to help the formation of students better. Throughout the podcast, Father Spitzer explains how the Academy works and, ultimately, how Catholic education can begin to take back modern culture and profess the faith as truth to power.   



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