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Magis CenterOctober 20, 20231 min read

How to Know What Career God Wants for You

In this clip from EWTN's Father Spitzer's Universe, Father Spitzer receives the question, "How do I know what God wants of me?” 

The writer of the question, Katherine, is contemplating a change of direction in her career because she doesn’t have a feeling of peace in her job. 

Father Spitzer responds by explaining some steps in order to know what career God wants for you. 

How to Know What Career God Wants for You Through Prudence 

Father Spitzer states that prudence is the foremost thing to focus on when determining a career change. Prudence is the virtue of using reason to make healthy decisions, prioritizing genuine flourishing

Knowing what career God wants for you becomes easier by using prudential judgments. 

How to know What Career God Wants For You Through Benefits and Downsides  

The second step, according to Father Spitzer, is timing. Changing direction in a career should come at the right time. Trying to change careers when one is not financially stable is bad timing and not a prudent decision. 

Prudence can help inform us about whether or not it is the right time to change careers. 

How to Know What Career God Wants For You by Putting it Before the Lord

The final and most important step in knowing what career God wants for you is putting it before Him. By consistently bringing the struggles of career decisions before the Lord, we may be informed through the peace or doubt that we feel. 

If we feel consistent doubt when bringing one potential career before Him, then most likely, that is not the best career. Yet, if we feel peace consistently and the career is a prudent decision, then it is likely the best option. 

However, Father Spitzer warns of taking on a utopian view of what the future holds. There will always be struggles in whatever career we have. But, if our career choices are informed by prudence and inspired by prayer, then we can begin to know what career God wants for us. 


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