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Magis Center May 26, 2017 < 1 min read

Desolation Checklist: Love One Another as I Have Loved You

This article will shed light on the deepest manifestations of love and why love is our reason for being, our highest dignity, and our eternal destiny: we will learn why Christ taught us to "love one another as I have loved you."

When we understand “love” in this way, we will also see the goodness and power of suffering to help us actualize this highest love in our lives, and in view of this, we will no longer be able to view suffering as a mere negative, but as one of the most powerful agents of positive change in our lives.

Love One Another As I Have Loved You

As such, suffering cannot be meaningless—for it leads us to our ultimate purpose—eternal and unconditional love with God and the blessed throughout eternity.

Our dominant view of happiness will influence (and probably determine) the way we view love. Furthermore, the way we view happiness and love will affect the way we view suffering.

Hence we will structure this article as follows:

  1. A Brief Review of the Four Levels of Happiness
  2. The Four Levels of Love
  3. The Four Kinds of Love
  4. Suffering and Exceptional Love in the Lives of Saints

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