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Lindsay RudegeairApril 6, 20182 min read

Catching up with Fr. Spitzer

What has Fr. Spitzer been up to lately? In addition to his television show, book writing, and full-time vocation as a Jesuit priest, Father has been busy spreading the word on faith and science in talks, interviews, and lectures. To keep on top of things, we've compiled the media from his most recent appearances. Grab a cup of coffee and catch up with Fr. Spitzer!


Purpose Nation podcast with Fr. Spitzer

Fr. Spitzer joins forces with Brad Cooper from Purpose Nation in this podcast, On Baptizing Robots and Shoes of Iron. This interview explores the reasons why young Catholics and Christians leave the Church by the time they finish college, especially when it comes to unanswered questions about faith and science. These questions include the compatibility of science and reason with the existence of God, the immortal soul, and the resurrection of Jesus.

Purpose Nation is an organization that seeks to "serve God by encouraging Catholics and other Christians to pray for careers in, and service within, the areas of science, technology and other industries of the future." Check out some of their other podcasts on their website.

Radio Interview

Busted Halo radio interview with Fr. Spitzer

Fr. Dave Dwyer interviews Fr. Spitzer on the Busted Halo radio show. The two discuss the passing of Stephen Hawking, proof for the existence of God, Father's most recent book, and how to handle suffering.

Busted Halo is a ministry of The Paulist Fathers that "utilizes a relevant and accessible voice to help people understand the Catholic faith, put it into practice in their everyday lives, and share it with others."

Live Talk

Fr. Spitzer gives talk at Franciscan University of Steubenville

At Franciscan University of Steubenville in Steubenville, Ohio, Father spoke to a packed house of college students in a talk entitled, "Science at the Doorstep to God: Remarkable New Evidence". In this lecture, he addresses three areas where science actually supports faith: contemporary cosmology, the existence of the soul, and the Shroud of Turin. Check out the live feed of the talk on FUS's Facebook page.

Franciscan University was established by Franciscan Third Order Regulars and well-known for both its educational standards and summer conferences.


Webinar and interview from Fr. Spitzer on Healing the Culture website

In this one hour webinar with Healing the Culture, titled "Winning the Argument on Abortion" Fr. Spitzer covers seven principles for changing the perspective of a pro-abortion advocate. Registry for the webinar is FREE and comes with a free copy of Fr. Spitzer’s 25-page article 'Toward a Universal Engaging Pro-Life Rhetoric'. Also available on the website is this written interview with Father on the 4 levels of happiness.

Healing the Culture is a nonprofit organization specializing in pro-life advocacy that works to educate on pro-life issues including the ethical and just treatment of unborn children and their mothers, terminally ill persons, and persons with disabilities. According to their mission, their "online resources, K-12 curricula, leadership training programs, and media productions have helped countless individuals to reject abortion and euthanasia, and to become effective pro-life leaders and advocates."