Suffering, Love, and Eternal Life

Suffering can be a tremendous opportunity – if we view it within the context of love and eternal life.

I did not appreciate this in my earlier years, but have come to realize that it is the highpoint of wisdom – if we have faith in a loving God. I have struggled with my eyesight since I was thirty years old, and can now understand the incredible value and opportunity of that struggle in my journey to come closer to God in love.

For many years, when my eyes took another turn for the worse, I would go through yet another bout of frustration and anxiety—frustration, because I made the fatal error of comparing my diminished abilities with what I was once able to do—and anxiety, because I was not certain whether the new level of disability would end my productivity or people’s respect for my capacity to “deliver.”

The Suffering of the Cross

Looking back on it, I can honestly say that those frustrations were nothing more than an exercise in futility and that the anxieties—in every case—were completely unwarranted.

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