Life After Death And Near Death Experiences: Pim van Lommel on Consciousness Beyond Life

Dr. Eben Alexander – Harvard Fellow:  Newsweek Article on Reality of Heaven

Fr. Spitzer’s compendium on research completed by MD’s and Ph.D.’s on evidence of Near Death Experiences.

Is There any Evidence for the Human Soul?

  • An assessment of peer-reviewed medical studies on near death experiences from the Lancet, the Journal of the American Medical Association, and other studies.
  • The Human Soul (This is a single article covering the topics below, which are indexed there for quick reference).
  • The definition of “brain death,” alternative explanations, and controlled, longitudinal studies.
  • Eight similar characteristics in near-death experiences.

Characteristics of NDEs

  • Patients report seeing data that should not have been accessible to them in their brain-dead states, and which is subsequently verifiable (veridical).

The von Lommel Study

  • Veridical data established.
  • 80% of blind patients can see during their near-death experience.

The Kenneth Ring Study of NDEs of the Blind

  • The measurable absence of death anxiety in both children and adults.

The Melvin Morse Study of NDEs in Children

  • Encounters with transcendent beings (loving white light, Jesus, deceased relatives, etc.).
  • Conclusions of Von Lommel and other studies.

Conclusions drawn from the studies

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