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Magis CenterApril 18, 2018< 1 min read

After So Many Studies, Why is the Shroud of Turin Still a Mystery? [VIDEO]

With all of the tests run on the Shroud of Turin, why are scientists still disputing its validity? After all, it has undergone considerably more scientific testing than any other relic in human history. 

Shroud of Turin Fact Sheet preview

Sadly, there is one principal reason why the the Shroud is still questioned: an 1988 carbon dating performed by three reputable labs (from Oxford, Zurich, and Arizona) that disproved that the Shroud was the burial cloth of Christ.

However, there was one major problem with the strand of cloth used in the 1988 study—was not only defective, but taken from a corner of the cloth that had been visibly patched (with thread from the 15th century).  

In the video below, Fr. Spitzer explains how the 1988 study cannot be used to prove or disprove the validity of the Shroud due to the sample that was used.


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