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Credible CatholicSeptember 7, 20214 min read

What is a Catechist Certification, and How Do I Get One?

Catholic Catechist Certifications have grown in popularity in recent years. The advancement in science and technology poses new topics and questions in religious education classrooms and in the hearts of individuals looking to learn more about what the Catholic Church believes. In this article, we’ll define what a Catechist Certification is and some places to acquire one. We’ll also provide you an opportunity to learn more about Credible Catholic’s Certification in Contemporary Apologetics and how it might help you grow in your faith, while also equipping you to discuss and teach the faith to your students, children, and/or parish community. 

What is a Catechist Certification?

The National Directory for Catechesis defines Catechesis as, “the act of handing on the Word of God intended to inform the faith community and candidates for initiation into the Church about the teachings of Christ, transmitted by the Apostles to the Church.” Being a catechist is a blessed endeavor that allows for the individual to represent the entire Church when teaching. 

In becoming a certified catechist, you are afforded the opportunity to not only be a teacher of the faith but also to be a champion for transformation in your faith community. The most important goal for a catechist is to aid, teach, and guide others in their personal relationship with God. In addition, catechists must continually grow in their own knowledge so they can continue to be credible in teaching the faith.

How Do I Get a Catechist Certification?

There are several avenues one can follow to gain a Catechist Certification. The primary organizations that offer certification for catechists are dioceses and institutes/universities. 

Diocesans Catechist Certification

Several dioceses in the United States offer certification for their catechists. You can check your local diocese to see what your options are. Often a diocese will not host its own program but will grant a catechist a certification based on their completion of a program offered at a university or institute (see below for a list). Also, note that catechists may be required to renew their certificate after a given amount of time has passed since attaining a catechist certificate. 

Online Catechist Certifications from Universities and Institutes

The programs listed below are from universities and institutes across the United States. Some are only for individual study, while others are only for diocesan study (i.e. you must complete the program through your diocese). No two programs below are exactly alike—click on the links to learn more. 

  • Credible Catholic’s Certification in Contemporary Apologetics issued through the Magis Institute and Catholic Distance University:
    • For: individuals and dioceses 
    • Certification focus: Contemporary, science-based apologetics

Screen shot of Credible Catholics Master Teacher Program website.

A screen shot of the Augustine Institute basic catechist certification.

A screen shot of the McGrath Institute for Church Life

Screen shot of the website for Catechetical Institute at Franciscan University.

Screen shot of the website for Certificate in Catechetical Leadership through Aquinas College.

More about Credible Catholic's Certification in Contemporary Apologetics!

In February of 2021, Credible Catholic launched the Master Teacher Program designed by speaker, author, teacher, and apologetics expert, Father Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D. The Master Teacher Program is unique among other programs in that it offers certification in contemporary, science-based apologetics (i.e. medical evidence of a human soul, scientific evidence of God, Catholic belief in evolution, and historical evidence of Jesus' Resurrection). Available to both individuals and dioceses, Credible Catholic’s Master Teacher Program has three product offerings:

  • The $149 Certification in Contemporary Apologetics. Made up of seven courses, teachers who complete the Certification in Contemporary Apologetics equip themselves for the challenges posed in today’s classrooms. The seven courses offered are: 
    • “Evidence of a Transphysical Soul” 
    • “Evidence for God from Contemporary Science” 
    • “Proof of God and Relevant Questions” 
    • “Evidence for Jesus and His Divinity” 
    • “Why the Catholic Church?” 
    • “Making Sense of Suffering”
    • “Happiness and Purpose in Life” 

Total certification takes thirteen hours to complete. Along with enhanced knowledge of science-based apologetics and confidence in the classroom, you also enjoy all member benefits (described directly below).

  • The $6.99 Membership. The Master Teacher Program membership offers access to the Most Asked Question video series and an exclusive community forum where teachers, parents, and adult students can ask experts their most pressing questions. Membership also includes our Best Practices video series, where teachers share methodology on how to integrate Credible Catholic content into religious education curricula.
  • The $29 Individual Course. This option is designed for those who wish to gain knowledge in specific areas. Choose from any of our seven courses (listed above). Each course is online and takes approximately one to two hours to complete. Upon completion, you will receive catechetical credit hours, which can be taken to your diocese, school, or parish to count toward your diocesan catechetical certification, if institute certifications are accepted by your diocese.

Click any of the links above to learn more about Credible Catholic’s Master Teacher Program or to sign-up for one of its offerings! Have more questions? Feel free to request more information here or at the link below.

Click here to learn more about Credible Catholic's Master Teacher Program!