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Magis CenterDecember 3, 2010< 1 min read

God and Modern Physics—A 12-Part Series

Introducing a 12-part series entitled "God and Modern Physics." Presented by Fr. Robert Spitzer and based on his book, "New Proofs for the Existence of God." Follow along with the FAQ/Fact Sheet below.

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1. What Can Science Tell us About Creation and Design?


2. The Big Bang Theory and the Parameters of our Universe


3. Evidence for the Standard Big Bang Model


4. Can a Beginning of the Universe be Proved?


5. What is the “Law of Entropy” and how can it indicate a Beginning of the Universe?


6. Can a Beginning of the Universe be Proved?


7. Evidence of a Beginning of the Universe from Space Time Geometry


8. Evidence of a Beginning of the Universe from the Borde-Vilenkin Guth (BVG) Theorem


9. Evidence of Supernatural Design from Entropy at the Big Bang


10. Evidence of Supernatural Design from the Anthropic Values for our Universe’s Constants


11. How can the Anthropic Value of our Universes’s Constants be Explained?


12. Creation According to Physics and the Bible – Is there Really a Contradiction?


Download FAQs/Fact Sheet


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