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Magis CenterOctober 23, 20231 min read

Trust in God with Unshakable Confidence


Fr. Spitzer answers, “How should I trust God with unshakable confidence? I often feel I do not trust in God enough. What if I’m tired and can’t trust enough?"

Trust in God can be Difficult

To trust in God is difficult. Father Spitzer recognizes that often, life can be profoundly overwhelming to the point where trusting in God may seem daunting. 

Sometimes, prayer may even consume our lives, yet trusting in God with unshakable confidence seems like an impossible task.

Father Spitzer believes that the answer lies in abandonment and resignation.

Trust in God through Abandonment and Resignation

To trust in God with abandonment does not mean abandoning faith. Rather, to trust in God, we must abandon ourselves to divine providence. God actively wills our existence at every moment through a perfect act of life. We can trust in God by abandoning ourselves to His providential love.

We can give ourselves over to God by resigning our fatigue and suffering to Him. The moments where we are most tired are the moments where it should be the easiest to resign our strife to Him.

Trust in God means recognizing that He is the one in charge. By realizing He is the one in charge, we can trust in the reality that He will always catch us.

Trust in God by Letting Him Take Charge

Let God do some taking over. Father Spitzer likens letting God take charge to when Peter was sinking in the sea calling out to Jesus. Just calling out to God is an act of trust in itself. Often, we do not have to try super hard or get everything right when we put our trust in God. Instead, it is often a matter of letting yourself go into the arms of the Lord. 


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