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Purposeful UniverseMay 21, 20241 min read

Purposeful Universe Official Trailer

Does the universe have a purpose? The Purposeful Universe Project aims to answer that question. Through a series of high quality videos, blog posts, and podcasts, the Purposeful Universe aims to show the abundant order in nature that points to purpose in the universe and purpose in your life. This trailer just begins to reveal the amazing order and beauty that science reveals and how it not only affects you on a biological level, but on a psychological and spiritual level as well.


Is there a Purpose to the Universe? 

Much of contemporary science would claim that the world is a product of random chance events. Many scientists claim that the world is simply chaotic and that humans impose patterns of meaning onto chaos. But how does that explain the innate order we observe in the world around us? Does contemporary science provide evidence for or against a purpose to the universe? Or is it silent? Are patterns in nature and science random? Or intentional

Through the Purposeful Universe project, Dr. Dan Keubler, a molecular biologist, and other scientists attempt to answer these questions. Order in the universe implies purpose and we can find signs of purpose through studying biological evolution, cosmology, and human consciousness. Ultimately, the universe is filled with order from top to bottom and it's time that we embrace the order.

Ways to see Purpose in the Universe

The Purposeful Universe project explores multiple realms of where we can find order, purpose, and meaning within the world. Throughout the project, topics like biological evolution, cosmology, consciousness, and human purpose are explored. Coupled with interviews and testimonies from some of the top scientists in the world, the purpose of the universe is explored in depth. Purpose in the universe is written into the very fabric of reality, it is up to us to discover it.

*Originally published December 27, 2021.


Purposeful Universe

The Purposeful Universe seeks to explore and present, through award winning videos, the abundant order in nature that funnels biological systems toward increasing levels of complexity and sophistication—suggesting that human life is the purposeful outcome of a complex, ordered system.