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Father Gregory Pine speaking with Dan Kuebler and Catherine Hadro on the Purposeful Lab
Purposeful UniverseOctober 28, 20232 min read

Purposeful Lab: How Do We Know What We Know with Fr. Gregory Pine

In this enlightening episode of The Purposeful Lab Podcast, we are privileged to explore the subject of epistemology with our esteemed guest, Father Gregory Pine.

Meet Father Gregory Pine

Father Gregory is a Dominican priest, author, and contributor to the podcasts Pints with Aquinas, Catholic Classics, The Thomistic Institute, and Godsplaining. In this episode, we discuss knowledge and its validation. Father Gregory masterfully illuminates the path to bridging the gap between scientific revision and objective truth.

According to Father Gregory, our nature sets the trajectory for how we interact with reality. As human beings, there is an inherent desire within us to understand the world around us. This drive, this hunger for knowledge, is part of our identity and informs our mission in life.

How do we Understand Reality?

However, the pursuit of knowledge is not without its challenges. In the process of observing and understanding reality, we often encounter potential errors that can skew our perception. These errors could arise from the observer, the intervening medium, or the observed thing itself. Father Gregory suggests that understanding and accounting for these potential errors can help refine our decision-making process. He underscores the importance of discipline and humility in differentiating between knowledge and opinion.

The Pursuit of Knowledge

In the realm of science, theories are constantly being improved with new data. This continual evolution of scientific understanding can sometimes create tension with objective truth claims. However, Father Gregory argues that this does not undermine the pursuit of knowledge. Instead, it reinforces the importance of approaching scientific inquiry with a degree of practical or moral certainty rather than absolute certainty.

Is Faith Necessary for Science?

Perhaps one of the most thought-provoking parts of our conversation revolves around the perceived clash between faith and science. Father Gregory offers insightful analysis of the interplay of faith, skepticism, and trust within the scientific community. He argues that natural faith, a trust in the veracity of reality as we perceive it, is necessary for the practice of science

Father Gregory argues that an in-depth understanding of the human person can enhance modern scientific practice. This understanding can pave the way for a harmonious coexistence between science and faith, dispelling the popular perception of their inherent conflict. 

Take a Listen

Father Gregory Pine’s insights into epistemology, the harmony of science and faith, and the power of perception leave us with a greater understanding of our world and our place in it. This podcast episode is a must-listen for anyone curious about the philosophy of knowledge and the relationship between faith and science.




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