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Magis CenterJuly 16, 20191 min read

[Podcast] Now You Can Hear Fr. Spitzer Live Every Other Wednesday 

Looking for something to listen to on your daily commute? Relevant Radio’s podcast, A Closer Look™, is now interviewing Fr. Spitzer every other Wednesday in the ongoing series, “The Essence of Things with Fr. Robert Spitzer.” 

Hosted by Emmy award-winning journalist Sheila Liaugminas, A Closer Look™ explores current events and timeless topics through a Catholic lens. 

According to an article at Relevant Radio, Sheila Liaugminas’ conversations with Fr. Spitzer "cover a wide range, including Fr. Spitzer’s unique explanations of Church teaching on challenging topics.” Previous themes of the show have included: 

  • Scientific Evidence of an Intelligent Creator
  • Philosophical Evidence of God
  • Evidence of the Soul and Heaven
  • Science, Reason and Faith
  • The Unseen but Knowable
  • Where Have We Come From and Where Are We Going?

Hear Fr. Spitzer Live

Tune in for the next installment of “The Essence of Things with Fr. Spitzer” on July 17, 2019 at 6:00 pm ET/3:00 pm PT. Until then, catch up on these recent episodes:

Fr. Robert Spitzer: ‘The Essence of Things’ Senate Bill 360

Human Life, Nature, Origin and Destiny; Truth in the Catholic Church

The Essence of Human Life

The Essence of Religious Freedom

Evidence of the Soul, Love, and Resurrection

What is Truth?

The Evidence for Truth is Abundant

For more information, or to listen to Sheila Liaugminas interview other notable experts, newsmakers, elected officials, scholars and clergy, visit A Closer Look™ at

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