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Magis CenterFebruary 18, 20192 min read

[Podcast] Listen to Fr. Spitzer on WCAT Radio

Hear Fr. Spitzer as a guest on the "Pat Flynn Show" on WCAT Radio. Listen to the whole interview or short segments below.

This month, philosopher, author, and fitness trainer, Pat Flynn, interviewed Fr. Spitzer on his podcast, “The Pat Flynn Show.” The episode premiered on WCAT Radio, a Catholic internet radio station based out St. Louis and the en-air branch of En Route Books & Media.

Listen to the Full Podcast

You can hear this engaging podcast at the link below, or keep scrolling for bite-size segments categorized by subject.

Note: Throughout the podcast, Fr. Spitzer points to The Big Book on the Credible Catholic website for further reading. You can find the Big Book here.

Listen to Segments of the Podcast

Listen to the podcast in segments at the links below. 

Clip One (15 minutes): Faith and Science

This clip covers:

  • The popular myth of conflict between faith and science
  • The Church's historical contributions to science
  • Science's evidence for God's existence
  • The fine-tuning of the universe (or multiverse)

Learn more on this topic with Spitzer's Credible Catholic Module 1a: Evidence of God from Science.

Clip Two (10 minutes): A Modern-Day, Philosophical Proof

This clip covers:

  • A modern-day, philosophical proof for God's existence
  • Richard Dawkin's argument against God's existence
  • Contemporary metaphysical proof for God's existence, based on St. Thomas Aquinas

Learn more on this topic with Spitzer's Credible Catholic Module 1b: Philosophical Proof of God's Existence and Chapter 3 of Fr. Spitzer's book, “New Proofs for God's Existence”

Clip Three (20 minutes): Near-Death Experiences

This clip covers:

  • Veridical evidence for near-death experiences
  • Medical studies on near-death experiences
  • terminal lucidity

Learn more on this topic with Fr. Spitzer's Credible Catholic Module 2A: Medical Evidence of a Soul.

Clip Four (5 minutes): Miracles in Modern Times

This clip covers:

  • Medical Investigations in Lourdes
  • The Shroud of Turin

Learn more on this topic with Fr. Spitzer's Credible Catholic Module 3: Evidence for the Historicity and Divinity of Jesus Christ.

Clip Five (11 minutes): Listener Q&A - Theological Questions

In this clip, listeners ask the questions:

  • What will we do in Heaven? Does this change when we are reunited with our resurrected bodies vs. when we are disembodied souls?
  • How can we best explain the need for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist to non-Catholics?

Learn more on the topic of the Eucharist at Fr. Spitzer's Credible Catholic Module 9: The Sacred Eucharistic Liturgy. Learn more on the topic of the Sacrament of Reconciliation at Fr. Spitzer's Credible Catholic Module 10: Baptism, Confirmation, Reconciliation, Orders, Sacrament of the Sick.

Clip Six (18 minutes): More Listener Q&A

In this clip, listeners ask the questions:

  • How and why should we "offer our suffering up?"
  • How can we still see truth and beauty in Catholicism in the midst of current crisis and scandal?

Learn more on this topic at Fr. Spitzer's Credible Catholic Module 19: Transforming Suffering through Faith

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