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Magis CenterOctober 9, 2019< 1 min read

New Series Featuring Fr. Spitzer: 'Wednesday on the World'

We are excited to announce that the Magis Center will produce and share a weekly video called “Wednesday on the World with Father Spitzer” every Wednesday. The video will typically be three to four minutes and feature Father’s take on a topic from one of the following areas:

  1. Current issues concerned with the Church, Christian culture, and moral thought (example: Amazon Synod).
  2. Discoveries in natural and social science affecting Christian philosophy, anthropology, theology and culture (example: exoplanets/aliens).
  3. Recent surveys or statistics pertaining to Christian theology and philosophy (example: Pew Survey on the Real Presence).

We invite you to watch as Father Spitzer provides commentary through the unique lens that has made him so popular as a speaker and a television and radio guest.

Here is the inaugural video that introduces the series and discusses the Amazon Synod:


Each week our email subscribers will receive a notification that the latest video is available. We will also post it here on the Magis Center blog, our Facebook page, and YouTube channel.


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