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Magis Center February 27, 2019 2 min read

If You Weren't Able to Complete the 7 Essential Modules in Advent, No Worries—Here Comes Lent

This past Advent we suggested a practice of watching one of Father Spitzer's 7 Essential Modules for the four weeks of Advent. Many of you responded to that suggestion by joining a special email reminder list.

Well here we are approaching Lent. What better time to finish the series or embark on a seven-week journey to mastering the seven topics that Father Spitzer considers essential—both for intellectually grounding your Faith and for helping others keep or grow theirs. 

If you recall from our Advent email we introduced you to Steve who, after a year at a prestigious university, begins to doubt his long held religious beliefs because of perplexing and persistent challenges from professors and fellow students. Unfortunately for Steve, he doesn’t know how to respond to these claims. He decides to “go along to get along” and stops practicing his faith—which means that over time he will probably stop believing altogether.

It’s too bad that Steve wasn’t prepared to face the onslaught that he and so many of his peers will face on college campuses across the country.

You see, without knowing that there is extensive and credible evidence for God, the soul, and the divinity of Jesus Christ, Steve is defenseless against popular secular myths. If only someone could have shown him the Truth before it was too late.

Helping the "Steves" in your life

Someone (like you) needs to share the large and growing body of scientific, medical, and historical evidence for the Catholic Faith with the “Steves” in your life. A great way to equip yourself and your family members and friends is to watch the 7 Essential Module during the seven weeks of Lent.

Here's what you'll learn:

Just think about how knowledge of these topics could strengthen your faith and the faith of those you love. And did we mention that this incredible resource is FREE? Thanks to the support of some generous donors, it is available at no charge at

How to get started

So here’s all that you need to do to get started: Go to, and click on the big red button that says “7 Essential Modules," and choose to stream or download one of two versions of each module.

The versions are very similar, but the one labeled 15+ displays the complete voice-narrated text on each slide while the 12+ version is more graphically oriented. Both are excellent and can be appreciated by older teens and adults, so it’s really a matter of taste.

We hope that you will try out at least the first module, because if you do, you’ll be hooked and will want to share the modules with others.

May God bless your Lent and may your mind be illuminated by Truth!


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