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Magis CenterJanuary 3, 2017< 1 min read

The Human Desire for God (Indication of the Interior Sense of God)

Around the world there is a consistent awareness of and belief in a deity which stands at the foundation of the world’s religions.

Most people seek a connection with a higher or transcendent power which has made itself known to us internally and externally, because of the internal spiritual or mystical awareness of and desire for God that each individual has.

Throughout history, philosophers, theologians, and psychologists have written extensively on this internal awareness of a higher power which most religions call “God.”

Interior Sense of and Desire for God

They identify eight major indications of this “interior sense of God”:

1. The Numinous Experience.
2. The Awareness of the Sacred in the World.
3. The Awareness of a Cosmic Struggle between Good and Evil.
4. The Awareness of and Desire for Perfect Truth.
5. The Awareness of and Desire for Perfect Love.
6. The Awareness of and Desire for Perfect Justice & Goodness.
7. The Awareness of and Desire for Perfect Beauty.
8. The Awareness of and Desire for Perfect Home.

Our next few blog posts will explore each of these topics in detail, using excerpts of Father Spitzer’s book, From Out of Nothing.

Next: The Numinous Experience.


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