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Purposeful UniverseDecember 6, 2021< 1 min read

Hubble Science Nebula Video: Starbirth Nebulae, Cosmic Cradles

Our current videos on Big Bang cosmology are being followed by a set of videos on the formation of galaxies and stellar systems (i.e.., stars and their associated planets). Astrophysicist Dr. Jennifer Wiseman will be our host as we explore how matter from the Big Bang became the building blocks of the first galaxies and stars and how these materially simple stars (hydrogen and helium only) evolved to produce element-rich stars like our sun.

As an introduction to Dr. Wiseman, here she is in this NASA video explaining how the Hubble telescope’s spectacularly beautiful images of nebulae are created by the radiation of newly formed stars on surrounding gasses.


Purposeful Universe

The Purposeful Universe seeks to explore and present, through award winning videos, the abundant order in nature that funnels biological systems toward increasing levels of complexity and sophistication—suggesting that human life is the purposeful outcome of a complex, ordered system.