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do we need suffering
Magis CenterAugust 12, 20201 min read

Do We Need Suffering and What Is Its Purpose?

In suffering, we all agree on one point—we don't like it. But there are many disagreements on how to avoid suffering, and what to do when it inevitably catches up with us.

The inevitability of suffering

We think of suffering as harmful (whether physical or emotional) because it causes us pain. When we have this view, we seek to avoid it at all costs, but how can we? You've probably heard the old saying about two things everyone encounters in life, death and taxes—all of which  involve some degree of suffering.

This leads many people to reject God. After all, who wants to worship a god that causes them pain?

The value of suffering

In the light of salvation, suffering takes on a whole new meaning. As Father Spitzer points out in the video below, suffering can be a gift that purifies us in love and faith. When we accept our burdens, they help us get to heaven, to an eternity of joy.


For more from Fr. Spitzer on suffering and happiness, check out this full article.

Cover image credit: Christi Marcheschi

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