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Magis CenterSeptember 28, 20211 min read

Angry with God? Here's Fr. Spitzer's Advice on How to Overcome Anger

In this clip from Fr. Spitzer’s Universe, a viewer asks Fr. Spitzer, “When suffering is severe and lasts for years, how does someone go about not being angry with God for allowing these things to happen? Is being angry with God ever justified?”

Fr. Spitzer reminds that for yourself and for your faith, you have to learn how to move beyond your anger; anger will undermine all the fruits that may come out of suffering. 

You have to choose to not dwell in your anger. Choose instead to:

  1. Stop comparing to the way you once were. 
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others. 
  3. Stop having expectations for your suffering.  

It is better for you and your relationship with God to replace anger with trust in God, offer it up, and look for the opportunities that will come from your suffering. 

Watch Fr. Spitzer tell his story of his failing eyesight and his full answer to the viewer's question in the clip below.  


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