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Benjamin Jansen S.J.Sep 15, 2023 12:00:00 AM1 min read

15 September 2023

Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows

The Gospel today presents a scene that is truly wondrous to contemplate. Jesus, our Lord and Second Person of the Trinity who has taken on human nature out infinite love for us is being put to death by very people He came to save. He is fully man, suffering every possible excruciating torment and fully God, sitting in majesty on the earthly throne of His own choosing. He is fully childlike, helpless as a lamb before the shearers and fully Lord, executing the designs of His Heavenly Father even in the midst of intense suffering in the final moments of His life. 
Even as He was transfixed to the Cross, He continued to pour out His treasures on His beloved people. Jesus commended the care of His Mother to John the Apostle, John became Her son. The beautiful mystery of this particular utterance from the Cross is that this favor was not meant for John alone. Jesus has commended us all to the care of His Mother as beloved daughters and sons. Mary, who stood at the side of the Cross as Her Beloved Son suffered and died, has been given to us a true Mother who never ceases to advocate for us before the throne of God. We should thus bring all of our needs to our beautiful Mother with childlike confidence that no prayer brought to Her will ever go unheeded or unaided.