Virtue & Freedom

Learn how Christian virtue leads to personal freedom.

What does it mean to do good and avoid evil, and how can we even distinguish between the two? Even if we can, doesn’t living along those lines restrict our freedom? Find out how freedom and virtue not only coexist, but are codependent.

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Father Spitzer tackles the difficult questions we face regarding fading morality in our society. This timeless address takes place in the fall of 2013 in New Haven, Connecticut at the Knights of Columbus National College Council Meeting. Hear responses to questions like, “Why should the church impose its morals on me? I don’t need anyone telling me how to be moral”. Father Spitzer gives us 5 points to help re-evangelize the culture.

Presentation At Napa Institute 2015: Fr. Robert Spitzer, Sj – Virtue, Faith, And Freedom

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