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April 4, 2018

Book: Ten Universal Principles
The Principle Of The Limits To Freedom

1. After the resurrection Jesus appeared to his followers so they would believe in him as the Son of God. Why didn’t he appear to those who put him to death so they would know that they murdered the son of the living God?

2. The souls that are between this world and the eternal life waiting for the body to die – what would these souls like us to do for them? My son was in this state and passed away after 469 days. I now feel like I should be a minister to the souls who have reached this point.

3. Father Spitzer speaks of the misinterpretation of Pope Francis regarding his statement of hell and whether it truly exists.

4. Doug Keck asks Father Spitzer why is it different in understanding as a Catholic that there would be a place as hell? That hell might exist versus the bad souls just kind of disappear as the Jehovah Witnesses teach?

5. I’ve been reading your articles on near death experiences and I wonder why we never hear anything about judgment or hell in these experiences. It can give people the impression that living a holy life isn’t necessary to warrant eternal happiness in heaven.

6. My 4th grade son told me that he doesn’t believe in the Trinity. He said, “How can 3=1 or 1=3? He also isn’t really buying that it is a mystery we won’t truly know while we live here on earth. I want to have a response for him that is clear, concise and memorable.

March 28, 2018

New Evidence of the Resurrection

1. There’s no mention of a shroud in the Bible. If something that miraculous happened as to create an image of Christ on the shroud, why wouldn’t that miracle be mentioned the Bible?

2. Can you explain why Easter is the most important holiday on the Catholic Calendar, even more important than Christmas?

3. I consider you a very intelligent man. I also think that anyone who takes any of the miracles in the Bible literally needs some help. Any man of science knows that these “miracles” did not actually occur. How about you?

4. We know that the Messiah was pre-ordained so that mankind could be liberated from original sin. Likewise, Judas played a necessary part in salvation history. If it weren’t Judas, someone else would have had to perform the deed. Was Judas a villain, or was his role also pre-ordained?

5. Father Spitzer explains the meaning of the grand equivocation.

6. Doug Keck asks Father how could there be new evidence of the resurrection 2000 years later.

March 21, 2018

Book: Ten Universal Principles
Principle of the Fundamentality of Rights

1. Dear Father Spitzer, have any burial cloths from Lazarus whom Jesus raised from the dead been found? If so, are there any similarities in the burial cloth and those of the shroud?

2. Regarding Stephen Hawking, who was he? Why was he important?

3. How did Thomas Jefferson justify the ownership of slaves?

4. Dr. Spitzer, you often mention instances of terminal. Do you think some of those who experience lingering lucidity are possibly being purified on earth in place of purgatory in order to mitigate purgatory?

5. Father speaks about a form of purgation.

6. Dear Father, can you explain the biblical basis for our offering up our sufferings for the good of others? I agree we should do this for others but I have a friend who says this idea is not in the bible. Is it mentioned in the bible or is this based on Catholic tradition.

7. On page 74 (Ten Universal Principles) you talk about the more fundamental right is the one, which is necessary for the possibility of the other where there is a conflict we should resolve in favor of the more fundamental right. Why is that important, that idea of the fundamental right and what is the ultimate fundamental right?

March 7, 2018

Book: Ten Universal Principles
Principles of Justice and Natural Rights Pt. 1

1. Recently we have done a lot of talking about rights and abortion and one of the things you’ve brought up many times is the whole Dred Scott decision and we just passed the anniversary from 1857 on March 6. How do you see as we kick off today’s show how that decision impacted the way we view things today?

2. Per your last show on Human Potential, I am confused about the conscious and subconscious mind. Theologically, does God hold us accountable for both? And is the difference between the soul and spirit? How does each of these co-exist and cooperate with each other? Is one more important than the others?

3. My friend is convinced that the Church Fathers believed that very few people will be saved. I believe it is called the Doctrine of the Fewness of the Saved. He cites St. Leonard of Port Maurice and others. Did the Church Fathers teach this doctrine? What are we to make of this?

4. In talking about inalienable natural rights that cannot be taken away from, how come in so may other parts of the world people have their rights trampled on all the time?

5. Father Spitzer speaks about Suarez the Jesuit, John Locke and then Thomas Jefferson.

6. How does someone know that a law is unjust versus one I just don’t like?

7. Father discusses the silver rule.

8. What is the difference between Liberty, which would in theory allow you to do what you want to do and the quote-unquote pursuit of happiness?

February 28, 2018

Book: Ten Universal Principles
Principles of Ethics: Full Human Potential

1. I believe it is nonsense to take any part of the Bible literally. I am a strong believer in Richard Dawkins, as he is good man who believes in science and looking at things according to evidence. We are quite different than the people who lived during the Gospels. What do you think about this?

2. On a show last month, you touched a bit on the Golden Rule. Sometimes I feel that the more I follow the Golden Rule, the more some people try to take advantage of me. Should I still love people who try to do harm to me?

3. My 23 year old tells me she went to a non-catholic church the last 2 Sundays, and really felt closer to God than she has felt in a long time. I am a cradle Catholic and raised my children as such. I am at a loss. What can I do to keep her from wanting to leave our Catholic Faith?

4. My son abandoned me because I will not support his desire to live as a woman. I am a Catholic, and a counselor as well. He graduated from Catholic seminary, was ordained a transitional Deacon and then left. I grieve as though my child has died, but I have no closure. What can I do about this?

5. The Church teaches us that Jesus is a Divine Person, with two natures—the divine and the human. How can I explain the human nature of Jesus, without incurring that he could make mistakes?

6. Every human being deserves to be valued according to the full potential of their level of development. Why is it a problem if we don’t treat it that way?

7. Principle six is the principle of full human potential and every human being deserves to be valid according to the level of development potential not current level achieve. Why is it a problem if we don’t treat it that way?

8. How do you deal with a situation when you have someone born with special needs where they might have special limitations and they will never be able to reach the highest human potential, or is that an individual thing?

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