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February 14, 2018

Book: Ten Universal Principles
Principles of Ethics: Nonmaleficence – Part 2

1. Why do you think people go and get ashes on Ash Wednesday?

2. Back when abortion became legal, many of us honestly believed we had a right to abortion. Can you comment on how God’s forgiveness will lean on judgment day, between the cultural influencers, and our own self-responsibility to act with informed intention? Does God speak of “tipping the scales”, so to say?

3. I was brought up Catholic, but severely abused by my own parents. I sense the compassion and love of God coming from your heart, and I thank you for that. Do you have any advice for me to get back into Church and develop lasting relationships?

4. Father references St. Theresa’s of Lisieux. 1. The Story of a Soul, 2. The little Way for Every Day: Thoughts from Therese of Lisieux.

5. I still struggle with doubts, and I often have a hard time believing in God, even though I really want to. Do you have any advice for when someone’s faith falters?

6. Can someone have certitude and still have faith?

7. Father explains what Nonmaleficence means.

8. How can people who don’t believe in a creator, believe that people are intrinsically special?

January 31, 2018

Ten Universal Principles – Chapter 2
Principles Of Reason: Objective Evidence

1. Would reading and or viewing of pornographic literature, films and pictures be considered “lusting” in violation of the Ninth Commandment? Does one need to have a specific plan of action to make an impure thought a mortal sin?

2. I struggle with spiritual darkness and can’t get past wondering why God created us at all. If He wants us “happy with him in heaven”, why didn’t he just make us like angels or other celestial beings? Why would a loving God make us struggle with the fear of hell?

3. I can understand and accept that there is more than one universe, but how does this fit into the idea of God? Could you either explain or direct me to a resource that could explain my universe being identical to another universe light years away?

4. Do you think that the mapping out of the human genome will eventually turn around our current society’s belief in the lie that a pre-born human is not a real human unless the mother wants it?

5. If Roe versus Wade came up today what do you think the outcome verdict would be?

6. What do you mean by ethics?

January 24, 2018

Book: Ten Universal Principles
Topic: Principles Of Reason: Objective Evidence

1. How does the Church view ectopic pregnancies, or pregnancies outside of the uterus?

2. I was of the belief that when we die that we will be constrained by time, and yet we speak of spending time in Purgatory. Father will we continue to exist spiritually in time after death and is Purgatory a place or is it a process of being purged of the stain of forgiven sin?

3. What is Sophism?

4. In relation to the Principles of Reason, wouldn’t you agree that our culture has reached epic portions to Sophism, where even invalid assertions receive a relative value of truth?

5. Are there ever any exceptions to the rule for this Principle of complete Explanation?

6. What did you mean by all words and sentences are meaningless?

7. You go to say the Principle of Noncontradiction comes up with pro-life issues. Please explain.

8. In addressing the Principle of Noncontradiction, you speak of what defines true and authentic freedom, especially in relation to relationships and commitment. Can you give a good Catholic definition of freedom? Is it synonymous with the term “liberty”? If not, what is the difference?

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