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February 13, 2019

Who God Is Not

This week, they examine common misconceptions about God and why we must accept His unconditional love in order to see the fruit of it.

1. Why is the Church hierarchy so quiet about New York’s recent Reproductive Health Act? This is a perfect opportunity for the leaders of the Church to speak with moral authority. Why isn’t the Church standing up for the lives of the unborn on this matter? Is there something that the lay faithful can do?

2. In reference to New York’s tragic Reproductive Health Act, how is absolute freedom different from the free will that God gives His people? It’s important to understand the difference between free will and the anarchy of absolute freedom.

3. I am dying of lung cancer, but eternal damnation is what I fear. It is the formal teachings of the Church that suffering and torture in Hell is eternal. I am sorry for my sins but cannot forgive myself. I have agoraphobia and do not leave home. What should I do?

4. Can we say that our dreams can be divine messages? If so, how do we know when they are divine, and not just our subconscious dealing with things like desires, fears and anxiety?

5. Why was Jesus’s death the only way for us to be saved from our sins? Did God the Father decide this was the only way? How exactly did Satan accept and understand that Jesus’s death would save all humanity from our sins?

6. I have a very good friend who suffers from severe depression and anxiety. No medication or therapy seems to work. How can I help her to understand what true happiness is? Any advice on effectively communicating these four levels of happiness is greatly appreciated.

7. From Doug Keck: Can you explain what numinous actually means?

January 23, 2019

Explaining the Doctrine Of the Trinity And The Incarnation

Fr. Robert Spitzer and Doug Keck provide answers for questions on faith and reason. Today, they dig into the mystery of Jesus coming to us as a human while remaining part of an unbreakable, Triune God. Part 2.

1. In Jesus’ time people were shocked at His statement that we must eat His flesh and drink His blood to have eternal life. Why did Jesus choose this method for us to commune with him? Even by today’s standards eating someone’s flesh and drinking their blood would be a hard saying to comprehend. The Eucharist is a great gift, but please explain this.

2. In discussing Jesus’ passion, I’ve read that Mary experienced the very same sufferings that her Son did, but inwardly, beginning with the Agony in the Garden. Is this true? If so, how could she endure these pains without dying or fainting or moaning in front of the others around her?

3. I was watching a recent show where you related the lamb’s blood over the Israelites doorway in Egypt to the blood of Jesus in the Sacrament of The Eucharist. Didn’t the Israelites also eat of the lamb’s body on that night? If so, then both the lamb’s body and the blood are precursors to Jesus sacrifice, right?

4. On the last episode you talked about malign spirits that come back and influence people. Wouldn’t this prove that a spirit could “get out” of hell so to speak and wander around and eventually communicate mentally with people? Couldn’t a good spirit do the same?

5. I was taught that if you die in the state of mortal sin, you will go to hell. In your show, you say that one chooses hell. I know many Catholics who use birth control and skip Mass, but seem to love Jesus. Are they going to hell? These are amazing people and it saddens me that they disregard the church’s teaching.

6. My young adult children only go to church when they feel like it. They aren’t scared by the fact that missing mass is a mortal sin. What are your thoughts? I wish I had done a better job of instilling love for the Catholic church in my children.

7. How can missing mass and killing someone both be mortal sins?

January 16, 2019

Explaining The Doctrine Of The Trinity And The Incarnation

Fr. Robert Spitzer and Doug Keck provide answers for questions on faith and reason. Today, they dig into the mystery of Jesus coming to us as a human while remaining part of an unbreakable, Triune God. Part 1.

1. You recently talked about the Magi. Some believe that the Star of Bethlehem appeared prior to the birth of Our Lord, yet many believe that the Star actually appeared when Our Lord Jesus was born. Do we know when the Star actually appeared?

2. In response to a recent Epiphany question, I would like to suggest my understanding that the Magi were NOT in Bethlehem when Christ was born, but St. Francis later incorporated them into Nativity scenes. The Magi came when Jesus was a toddler living in Bethlehem. The Holy Family later fled to Egypt after Joseph was told in a dream to leave, and came to Nazareth after Herod died.

3. In order to obtain an annulment by the Church, a key requirement is determining whether or not the marriage has been consummated. The dogma that Mary is ever Virgin implies the marriage to Joseph was not valid. Was marriage defined differently then?

4. I pray for my relatives who have passed away on a daily basis. How can I be sure that my prayers are actually being heard and are benefiting my relatives? If my prayers are getting through, are they of assistance to my beloved relatives?

5. After my father died, I felt like I was in a thin space crossing between now and eternity. I met a man at the time that I felt I had known even before I existed. Even as a child, I had odd memories that I cannot explain. I am a cradle catholic and I love my faith and am devoted to it, but I can’t shake the idea of reincarnation.

6. Is there a way that we can better understand how the souls in heaven relate to those they may have know who have been condemned to eternal fire?

7. The definition of Eucharistic words of Jesus.

8. Explains the two collapses of time.

January 9, 2019

The Holy Eucharist and Jesus’ Passion

1. Doug asks Father Spitzer if Father made any New Year’s Resolutions.

2. Why was Jesus born at His particular time in history? Was there any significance to this era from 2000 years ago?

3. Many astronomical explanations of the “Star of Bethlehem” have included planetary conjunctions, comets, a supernova, and so on. These and other explanations have led to different dates of Jesus’ conception and birth from about 7 to 0 BC, implying that he was crucified at 33-40 years of age. Do you have a favorite interpretation? Is there any new evidence?

4. Per a recent show, when did the Holy Family flee to Egypt? Since Jesus was presented in the Temple, the flight must have happened after that, yet one gospel says that they went to Nazareth after the Presentation. My idea is that they first returned to Bethlehem, then the Magi came, and then they fled to Egypt. Isn’t this the most logical assumption?

5. You recently aired an older episode on the Magi, which led me wondering if there is any connection between the wise men and the prophet Daniel? In Daniel 2, King Nebuchadnezzar made Daniel prefect of all the wise men in Babylon, and there’s no indication that he later lost that position. Could he have instilled in them a Hebrew way of seeing God’s glory in the heavens?

6. Does God review our lives after we die, or just before, thereby allowing us a last chance to say “Yes”? Before my mother died, she became unresponsive, and suddenly sat up in bed, open her eyes, and said, “Do you mean that, during my entire life, I thought of only myself and no one else?” My mother, who was narcissistic, laid back down and died soon after.

7. Is it okay to ask my deceased mother for intercessional help (hopefully from Purgatory or Heaven)? She has been gone for 40 years, but I still miss her a lot. I want to make sure this would not be crossing some kind of a line, into the occult.

8. When Jesus—the second divine person of the Trinity—was incarnate and entered into humanity, was He also still in Heaven, as well? Was Jesus’ divine nature in heaven with the Father and Holy Spirit whilst Jesus’ human nature, soul and spirit was living on Earth? Could this be an example of bi-location?

9. My RCIA students asked how the Virgin Mary is co-redemptrix with Jesus, as she isn’t God. This subject caused an uneasy feeling in the group.

November 14, 2018

Jesus’ Message About His Father

Fr. Robert Spitzer and Doug Keck provide answers for questions on faith and reason. This week, they use crediblecatholic.com as they examine what Christ reveals about God.

1. During your conversation about the Exorcisms of Jesus last week, you said many times, “Jesus almost certainly said these words”. I didn’t know that there was any uncertainty about the historical reliability of the Gospels? Please clarify.

2. You spoke recently about the “Q” source that the gospel writers used. Is there any evidence that such a source actually existed, or is this just a hypothesis? I understand that there are other ways to explain the commonalities between the different Gospel accounts.

3. In reference to an earlier show, do the angels show fruits of the spirit? In the Bible, they seem to be rather business-like. Also, Jesus never struck anyone dumb for unbelief like Gabriel did to Zechariah. Where was the patience and kindness there?

4. Fr. Spitzer, you said that our venial sins are forgiven during Mass and I do go to daily Mass. Is it ok to still mention those same venial sins that were forgiven during Mass when I go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation? If these sins are forgiven in Mass and we have no mortal sin to confess, then why go to confession.

5. A priest refused giving me absolution since I confessed the same mortal sin on the previous week, and that I was not repentant. He advised me to fast and increase my prayer life then come back in 2 weeks. What if I died during this two-week period? Would I be forgiven because of my intent to confess, or would I be damned?

6. Were most of the miracles Jesus performed healing ones?

7. God can do anything easily, so why is it dependent on that person’s faith whether He could perform a miracle.

8. When you talk specifically about the historicity of Jesus raising the dead and you mention that there are only three non-overlapping stories about raising the dead, what does that mean?

November 7, 2018

Miracles of Jesus

Fr. Robert Spitzer and Doug Keck provide answers for questions on faith and reason. This week, they move from discussing Christ’s exorcisms to His numerous miracles.

1. You previously mentioned that Jesus Christ has defeated Satan. If this is true, then why is Satan so powerful today? Furthermore, why does God even allow Satan to exist and wield such power over God’s loving people?

2. Astronomers just voted to recommend that the Hubble Law of cosmology be changed to the “Hubble-Lemaitre law”. The Society of Catholic Scientists officially hailed the vote as a reflection of compatibility between a life of faith and a vocation to be a scientist. Is that Society’s existence itself a promising new sign of such compatibility?

3. In reference to an earlier episode on Jesus’ Exorcisms, what are some signs if someone is possessed? Is it always necessary to get an exorcist priest to intervene?

4. I find that if I watch a movie like “The Exorcist” or “The Rite”, I feel very nervous or shaky later as if I am being attacked. It does not last, as I tell the devil where to go…and continue my prayer life as always. Should I stop watching movies like this altogether? Am I giving Satan power by watching this?

5. From Doug Keck: When someone is possessed do they still maintain their free will?

October 31, 2018

Exorcisms of Jesus – Part 2

1. The question about if our Angels remain with us after death came up last week. A few years ago, I watched a series about Angels on EWTN, which claimed that they DO stay with us even in purgatory, and that the only way we lose our Angel is if we go to hell. Is this contradicting info from what you stated?

2. How is it possible for the fallen angels to have seen God in all his majesty and Glory and have rejected him? Is it possible that God didn’t totally reveal himself to them as part of his plan for salvation? It just doesn’t seem plausible that they could have turned away from Him knowing the full beatific vision.

3. In reference to last week, I know priests who advise against yoga, as poses mimic eastern gods (particularly the cobra post). Reiki is dangerous, and some acupuncture also is a method of channeling. The patient can appear to improve but it’s a deception and they could get worse later down the line. An exorcist should really give advice on this to the public.

4. Is it ok for us lay people to command Satan to leave as long as we command it in the name of Jesus Christ?

5. I’ve heard noises from the wall of my room and felt oppression when praying the Rosary. It seems that praying only makes it worse. Should I contact an exorcist? What should I do?

6. Doug Keck question: Why are there more healing discussions than there are exorcism discussions? Why do you think that is?

7. What is a Q?

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