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November 14, 2018

Jesus’ Message About His Father

Fr. Robert Spitzer and Doug Keck provide answers for questions on faith and reason. This week, they use crediblecatholic.com as they examine what Christ reveals about God.

1. During your conversation about the Exorcisms of Jesus last week, you said many times, “Jesus almost certainly said these words”. I didn’t know that there was any uncertainty about the historical reliability of the Gospels? Please clarify.

2. You spoke recently about the “Q” source that the gospel writers used. Is there any evidence that such a source actually existed, or is this just a hypothesis? I understand that there are other ways to explain the commonalities between the different Gospel accounts.

3. In reference to an earlier show, do the angels show fruits of the spirit? In the Bible, they seem to be rather business-like. Also, Jesus never struck anyone dumb for unbelief like Gabriel did to Zechariah. Where was the patience and kindness there?

4. Fr. Spitzer, you said that our venial sins are forgiven during Mass and I do go to daily Mass. Is it ok to still mention those same venial sins that were forgiven during Mass when I go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation? If these sins are forgiven in Mass and we have no mortal sin to confess, then why go to confession.

5. A priest refused giving me absolution since I confessed the same mortal sin on the previous week, and that I was not repentant. He advised me to fast and increase my prayer life then come back in 2 weeks. What if I died during this two-week period? Would I be forgiven because of my intent to confess, or would I be damned?

6. Were most of the miracles Jesus performed healing ones?

7. God can do anything easily, so why is it dependent on that person’s faith whether He could perform a miracle.

8. When you talk specifically about the historicity of Jesus raising the dead and you mention that there are only three non-overlapping stories about raising the dead, what does that mean?

November 7, 2018

Miracles of Jesus

Fr. Robert Spitzer and Doug Keck provide answers for questions on faith and reason. This week, they move from discussing Christ’s exorcisms to His numerous miracles.

1. You previously mentioned that Jesus Christ has defeated Satan. If this is true, then why is Satan so powerful today? Furthermore, why does God even allow Satan to exist and wield such power over God’s loving people?

2. Astronomers just voted to recommend that the Hubble Law of cosmology be changed to the “Hubble-Lemaitre law”. The Society of Catholic Scientists officially hailed the vote as a reflection of compatibility between a life of faith and a vocation to be a scientist. Is that Society’s existence itself a promising new sign of such compatibility?

3. In reference to an earlier episode on Jesus’ Exorcisms, what are some signs if someone is possessed? Is it always necessary to get an exorcist priest to intervene?

4. I find that if I watch a movie like “The Exorcist” or “The Rite”, I feel very nervous or shaky later as if I am being attacked. It does not last, as I tell the devil where to go…and continue my prayer life as always. Should I stop watching movies like this altogether? Am I giving Satan power by watching this?

5. From Doug Keck: When someone is possessed do they still maintain their free will?

October 31, 2018

Exorcisms of Jesus – Part 2

1. The question about if our Angels remain with us after death came up last week. A few years ago, I watched a series about Angels on EWTN, which claimed that they DO stay with us even in purgatory, and that the only way we lose our Angel is if we go to hell. Is this contradicting info from what you stated?

2. How is it possible for the fallen angels to have seen God in all his majesty and Glory and have rejected him? Is it possible that God didn’t totally reveal himself to them as part of his plan for salvation? It just doesn’t seem plausible that they could have turned away from Him knowing the full beatific vision.

3. In reference to last week, I know priests who advise against yoga, as poses mimic eastern gods (particularly the cobra post). Reiki is dangerous, and some acupuncture also is a method of channeling. The patient can appear to improve but it’s a deception and they could get worse later down the line. An exorcist should really give advice on this to the public.

4. Is it ok for us lay people to command Satan to leave as long as we command it in the name of Jesus Christ?

5. I’ve heard noises from the wall of my room and felt oppression when praying the Rosary. It seems that praying only makes it worse. Should I contact an exorcist? What should I do?

6. Doug Keck question: Why are there more healing discussions than there are exorcism discussions? Why do you think that is?

7. What is a Q?

October 17, 2018

Evidence of Jesus’ Miracles – Part 1

l. I understand that it is immoral to communicate with the dead by means of occult practices like divination. However, we as Catholic are encouraged to ask for intercession from the saints. Isn’t there a bit of contradiction here?

2. Can we pray for a sign from a Saint?

3. When I pray the Rosary, I have a long list of intentions. By the time I finish this list, I’m tired from trying to pray for all the intentions. I love to mediate on the mysteries, but if I don’t state my intentions, how will our Holy Mother still know what they are? Should I keep the list going?

4. I have recently pondered whether the Penitential Rite of the Mass is sufficient for forgiveness of minor sins. Am I being complacent in thinking that it is?

5. What happens to our Guardian Angels when we die? I have asked several priests and they have no answer.

6. Did Jesus have an actual guardian angel? I’ve heard that thousands of angels assisted him while he was on earth. He is true God and true man, and every human has a guardian angel. Does this mean that he has (or had) a guardian angel just like everyone else, as well?

7. Did Jesus save Judas when He descended into Hell? Why do the Angels have human attributes when jealousy of power is mentioned in the story of the fallen angels? I thought angels were different from humans regarding this.

8. Prior to his crucifixion, why did Jesus tell people not to tell anyone when he performed miracles? It couldn’t have been due to fear of authorities. Was there some divine reason for this?

9. Why didn’t Jesus heal everyone? Or did He heal everyone that asked Him for healing?

October 10, 2018

Extratestamental Witness To Jesus – Part 2

Fr. Spitzer and Doug Keck finish their discussion on the truth of Christ’s presence that exists outside of scripture.

1. In light of recent scandal, were Sacraments administered by priests in mortal sin to the faithful still binding and valid? Was the bread and wine actually consecrated when they “celebrated” mass?

2. It strikes me that a byproduct of moral relativism is also extreme universalism. The kind that states that we will all see God, regardless of the condition of our hearts. Wouldn’t this deny free will, along with the first commandment? Free will was given to us, to choose God. How can we expect the beatific vision if we never chose it?

3. My mother-in-law was Catholic, but at the end of her life she was not practicing. We were able to give her the anointing of the sick before she died, but she was not conscious. Can she still be saved? My father-in-law was also not practicing. He now has dementia. What can we do to help his soul have eternal life?

4. I am baptized Catholic, but haven’t been to church for a long time. I want to come back, but don’t even know where to begin. I can’t even remember how to say confessional prayers, but I do recite the Hail Mary and ask the Saints to pray for me often. How do I go about getting back to the Catholic Church?

5. Not long ago, you discussed the struggle for salvation, and how the devil engages in our lifes. He uses the deadly sin, and he works against us as the accuser. Why is the devil given so much power, if Jesus took on our sins and died for us? Jesus won our salvation, so why is it so easily lost?

6. Doug Keck question: Father you said the authors of the gospels could have embellished the accounts of miracles and resurrection.

7. When Jesus met Mary Magdelene after the Resurrection, He said, “Do not cling to me.” He has control over space and time, and he was in his glorified body and state, so how could He be in a hurry? Was there something more mystical about this? Would she be physically troubled if she kept clinging to him? Was she not clean enough?

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