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May 23, 2018

Topic: Evidence of God from Philosophy Part 1
New website crediblecatholic.com

1. Why does the new website have to be named Credible Catholic?

2. I recently received an email from the Magis Center of an article on Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus. I’ve had doubts about Jesus’ resurrection. When I finally read the article, it was so full of reason that it answered my questions and rid my doubt! Do you have anything about Christ’s presence in the Eucharist?

3. I am currently fighting for my children in a horrific court case, battling some cruel and fierce enemies. My family and I have been praying Rosaries, Novenas and Masses nonstop, but it feels like this will never end. Is there any other weapon to fight with on a spiritual level to overcome this?

4. Do you think people should be less shy about sharing their experiences with God to other people? Does God give us those experiences in order to testify about Him?

5. You’ve recently spoken out against the practice of Euthanasia, which seems to be gaining more of a foothold in our culture. However, the flip side of this is seeking excessive medical treatment, beyond the process of aging in order to put off death as long as possible. Why try to live as long as possible? Shouldn’t we focus instead on the eternal?

6. On the Feast of the Ascension, I was trying to explain to my kids how God loves them. My six year old asked, “Mommy, how come I can’t see God?” I answered as best I could. How would you explain, as it relates to seeing God in creation, with the eyes of faith, and why Jesus had to ascent back into heaven?

7. When someone says to me that God does not exist, what should be my first response? What should I say, other than “prove He doesn’t,” or “how do you know?”

8. The time required for each presentation is easily covered in 120 minutes. That still seems like a long time to a lot of people. Can you make it less than that if you’re working with it?

9. Can we send anyone to the website or is it that you need to think in terms of well they are at least Christian or they are falling away Catholic?

10. Is it ok to skip around the modules instead of going through them one at a time?

May 16, 2018

Topic: Evidence of God in Philosophy

1. What is the purpose of the scapular?

2. On one of your recent shows, you mentioned five transcendental desires. What are they and how should we seek to fulfill them properly?

3. At times, matters of faith can conflict with the way that science works. A perfect example of this would be the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Conception and the Immaculate Conception of Our Lord. Since these were not ordinary conceptions, are we to believe that Our Lord did not have an ordinary birth? Where do we begin trusting in science from faith?

4. What do you think of the watchmaker argument in proving God through Science? If you find a watch, you can safely say that someone made it. It would be foolish to say that it came together by random chance and acts of nature. DNA, the building block of life, is millions of time more complicated than a watch. It must have an architect!

5. What do you say about the clock maker in the sky argument?

6. If God doesn’t exist, how would His Name ever become mentioned or even thought of in one’s mind? Man cannot invent a concept from nothing. A point of reference is always needed. What do you think of this argument for God’s existence?

7. What is the myth virus?

May 9, 2018

Topic: Credible Catholic Website — Evidence of God from Science

1. Last week, you said that today’s big heresy is moral relativism, but doesn’t moral relativism suggest that nothing is immoral, and in effect, nothing is moral as well? What about universalism as heresy? When I think of a Nazi doctor entering heaven alongside those they tortured, it doesn’t seem just.

2. I was surprised at your answer last week about Abraham and Isaac. It’s not unusual for God to put one to the test. If God allowed Jesus to be crucified, why then wouldn’t He put Abraham to the test? Remember that Jesus said, “I have not come to abolish the old law but to fulfill it”. Perhaps I misunderstood?

3. I have a friend that is a Catholic, but believes that aliens exist, or have existed. He believes that God must have created them. Can you clear up this confusion?

4. I have found that in periods of my life that I am closer to God (daily mass), I suffer more – job loss, illness, etc. Please can you help me understand this better?

5. I have a query regarding the universe. Astronomers believe the universe formed from an expanding ball of matter. According to Einstein’s relativity theory, nothing can travel faster than light. The observable Universe is over 45 billion light years away, and 13.7 billion years old. It seems this matter travelled faster than the speed of light. How?

6. Do you think that the constant desire for scientific answers for everything, along with the explosion of the Internet drawing people away from each other could be ways that Satan tries to separate people from God?

7. Father Spitzer discusses www.crediblecatholic.com, which brings faith and science together.

April 25, 2018

Book: Ten Universal Principles
Six Categories of Social Discourse to the Fundamental Principle of Identity and Culture

1. Can you explain the questioned existence of ghosts? Do they exist because the person died and refused to enter the judgment after death? Are they souls going through purgatory?

2. I recently watched a Bible study, where two women said many things in the Bible were not true. They said Moses did not get the commandments, and there was no parting of the sea, and that Job didn’t exist. I am having trouble believing this. Is there something I can read on the subject?

3. If life itself is an inalienable right, then why won’t our priests speak about it more often in their Homilies? It is very rare that I hear a priest bring up the subject of abortion. Is it because they do not feel qualified to speak on a subject?

4. Relating to your six categories of social discourse, I have an atheist friend who, along with her mother, have planned that when life becomes too difficult that they will each be euthanized. How do I express to an atheist lovingly that their life is worth more, when they feel I’m infringing upon their rights?

5. Doug asks Father Spitzer what do these categories mean and why are they so important?

6. Father describes the 4 levels of happiness.

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