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October 10, 2018

Extratestamental Witness To Jesus – Part 2

Fr. Spitzer and Doug Keck finish their discussion on the truth of Christ’s presence that exists outside of scripture.

1. In light of recent scandal, were Sacraments administered by priests in mortal sin to the faithful still binding and valid? Was the bread and wine actually consecrated when they “celebrated” mass?

2. It strikes me that a byproduct of moral relativism is also extreme universalism. The kind that states that we will all see God, regardless of the condition of our hearts. Wouldn’t this deny free will, along with the first commandment? Free will was given to us, to choose God. How can we expect the beatific vision if we never chose it?

3. My mother-in-law was Catholic, but at the end of her life she was not practicing. We were able to give her the anointing of the sick before she died, but she was not conscious. Can she still be saved? My father-in-law was also not practicing. He now has dementia. What can we do to help his soul have eternal life?

4. I am baptized Catholic, but haven’t been to church for a long time. I want to come back, but don’t even know where to begin. I can’t even remember how to say confessional prayers, but I do recite the Hail Mary and ask the Saints to pray for me often. How do I go about getting back to the Catholic Church?

5. Not long ago, you discussed the struggle for salvation, and how the devil engages in our lifes. He uses the deadly sin, and he works against us as the accuser. Why is the devil given so much power, if Jesus took on our sins and died for us? Jesus won our salvation, so why is it so easily lost?

6. Doug Keck question: Father you said the authors of the gospels could have embellished the accounts of miracles and resurrection.

7. When Jesus met Mary Magdelene after the Resurrection, He said, “Do not cling to me.” He has control over space and time, and he was in his glorified body and state, so how could He be in a hurry? Was there something more mystical about this? Would she be physically troubled if she kept clinging to him? Was she not clean enough?

September 26, 2018

Extratestamental Witness To Jesus – Part 1

Fr. Spitzer and Doug Keck examine the truth of Christ’s presence that exists outside of scripture and the many ways he reveals himself in our present day.

1. Given that most of the priest abusers seem to be homosexual, isn’t this a good time to permit married men to be priests? Common-sense Catholics see this as a necessary step toward reformation of the priesthood. Many fear that since the homosexual network is so deep within the priesthood, we will need straight men to help the membership.

2. Question from Doug Keck: How do we know previewing people might have a same sex desire but will or won’t act on it?

3. Question from Doug Keck: Why is it that people who have been abused seem to repeat that behavior?

4. It has long disturbed me that few men, including priests, speak of male excesses as the core of sex slavery prostitution, pornography AND abortion. I long to hear the Church raise its voice in this arena.

5. Most parishes near me have only one priest, and confessions are Saturday afternoons for half-hour. With 15 to 20 people waiting in a line, there is never enough time for all to confess their sins. It would be nice if confessions could go on until all have been heard, without rush and the chance for questions. Any suggestions?

6. Question from Doug Keck: Why is it important for us to understand that there were people outside of scripture who at least recount how there was this historical personality of Jesus Christ.

7. Question from Doug Keck: What is a Babylon Talmud?

8. What does Kerygma mean?

September 12, 2018

Six Questions from The Creator To Jesus – Part 2

1. I watched your show this past week, and you were on FIRE! I also wonder if it’s possible for you to feature some who have had near-death experiences, to share their stories with us?

2. In the midst of this recent scandal and cover-up, it seems that there is so much condemnation toward the accused and little consideration of withholding judgment. Jesus loved the sinner but hated sin. Where is there any recognition of their being children of God and viewed as such?

3. On an earlier episode, you addressed a young man wrestling with impure thoughts. He may benefit from the experience of St. Jerome, who grew more interested in his studies, and away from the pleasures of the flesh. Perhaps this young man who wrote to you could also find a healthy intellectual interest when tempted.

4. In the relativism of our modern world, I find it so hard to pursue the perfect truth. It’s even hard in the Church, because people who profess the same faith have such radically different views on matters like immigration, capital punishment and social justice. Sure, God has designed an objective truth for these issues, so why is it this way?

5. When Jesus said “enter through the narrow gate” does that mean most of humanity will go to hell?

6. Are there still lots of people that don’t believe that Jesus really existed?

August 29, 2018

Five Transcendental Desires – Parts 1 & 2

With the help of crediblecatholic.com, Fr. Spitzer and Doug Keck continue to explore the five transcendental desires programmed into each of us as God’s children

1. The Blessed Mother was purported to say “many souls go to hell because they have no one to pray and make sacrifices for them”. If this is true, then avoiding hell would seem to be a matter of popularity. The more people that liked you, the more prayers you receive. But, what if you are from a small family and a small circle of friends?

2. I have a question about beauty. If it is supposed to point us to God, why are some things considered beautiful when actually are not? For example, pornography and gay marriage are considered “beautiful by some, but I see them as manifestations as evil.

3. I am struggling with the fine line between temptation and actual sin. I struggle with impure thoughts, and I would like to have better understanding of the difference for my own well-being. Please differentiate between the two.

4. How do Mary and the saints receive millions of intercessory prayers if only God is omnipresent?

5. I have a sister who has severe mental disabilities. How can she possibly know to desire the transcendental? We take her to church with us on Sundays, but she cannot even speak to us.

6. In 2014, my husband died after a long year battle with cancer and my daughter had a mastectomy. Only days ago, my son was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I attend mass, pray the rosary and offer my sufferings to God, but it seems that my family keeps getting hit. What does God want from us?

7. What are the five transcendental desires and what is transcendental desires?

August 15, 2018

Five Transcendental Desires – Part 1

Referring to crediblecatholic.com, Fr. Spitzer and Doug Keck explore the five transcendental desires programmed into each of us as God’s children

1. Father gives 3 points on how to deal with the charges and scandal within the church.

2. A few weeks ago you distinguished between the “genetic” Adam and Eve and the couple who received souls’ tens of thousands of years later. If the Adam and Eve who received souls are descendants of another Adam and Eve, then what happened to these previous descendants without souls? This theory is very new to me. Please elaborate.

3. When do we receive our souls? Do they exist before we are conceived? Is it created by God at the time we are conceived or at some other time? If God places a soul in us at the time of conception, could he also decide not to place a soul in some of us or take it away?

4. What is the teaching of the church regarding the soul?

5. I was disappointed by Fr. Spitzer’s comments on a recent episode about evolution. Fr. Spitzer seems very smart, but his evolution theory only seems useful to reconcile a secular school of thought with God. The number of verses in Scripture that allude to God as the sole creator of the universe are numerous. There is NO evidence for evolution.

6. What happens to my salvation if I don’t believe in evolution.

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