In our last post, we discussed the first of six questions that lead us from the idea of a Creator to the Person of Jesus Christ.

Our second question is: If love is the one power that seeks the positive in itself, and we are made to find our purpose in life through love, could God (the unique unrestricted act of thinking that creates everything else), who created us with this loving nature, be devoid of love?  Does God love us?

True Loves Meet

If the Creator was devoid of love, why would that Creator create human beings not only with the capacity for love, but to be fulfilled only when they are loving?  If the Creator is devoid of love, why make love the fulfillment of all human powers and desires, and therefore of human nature?

If the Creator is not loving, then the creation of “beings meant for love” seems absurd.  However, if the Creator is love, then creating a loving creature (i.e., sharing His loving nature) would seem to be both intrinsically and extrinsically consistent with what (or perhaps better, “who”) He is.

Could the Creator be any less loving than the “loving nature” He has created?  In other words, does God love us?

If you, the reader, can reasonably affirm the love of the Creator from the above, then proceed to the third question: is your desire for love conditional or unconditional?

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