How do our transcendental desires provide proof that God exists? If the reasoning in our past few posts is correct, then God is not only the unique unrestricted uncaused reality who is the cause of everything else; he is also perfect intelligence, perfect love, perfect justice (goodness), and perfect beauty.

Furthermore, he is present to our consciousness as the source of our awareness of perfect truth, love, justice (goodness), and perfect beauty – and as such, he incites us to creativity in every form of human endeavor – in the striving for greater truth, love, justice (goodness), and beauty.

Desire of the Heart

God not only gives us a transcendent soul (manifest in the evidence of near death experience), He also fills our soul with the horizon of his perfection which causes us to be everything that we are – an image of himself.

Join us as we start a new series on God’s Presence to Our Consciousness: The Numinous Experience, Intuition of the Sacred, and Conscience.

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