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Science, Reason, and Faith

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Evidence of God from Contemporary Science & Philosophy Creation According to Physics and the Bible – Is there Really a Contradiction?
Proof from Godel Theorem Shows God Exists through Super Axiom God and Modern Physics Series
Contemporary Scientifically Validated Miracles Associated with Blessed Mary, Saints and the Holy Eucharist The Remarkable Evidence of a Transcendent Soul
Philosophical Proof of God: Derived from Principles in Bernard Lonergan’s Insight Cosmic Origins
Evidence of Our Transphysical Soul: Responding to the Myth of Materialism (Powerpoint) Science, God & Creation | 2hr Video
Science, Medicine, and Near Death Experiences Did the Universe have a Beginning? Alexander Vilenkin
Evidence for God from Physics and Philosophy Creation: Larry King / Steven Hawking (with Spanish Subtitles)
70,000 Years Ago – The Origin of a Soul? Life After Death And Near Death Experiences: Pim van Lommel on Consciousness Beyond Life
A Contemporary Thomistic Metaphysical Proof of God (with a response to Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion)
Evidence of a Transcendent Soul
From Nothing to Cosmos Study Guide

Happiness and Suffering

Articles Videos
Desolation Checklist: Love One Another as I Have Loved You

This article will shed light on the deepest manifestations of love and why love is our reason for being, our highest dignity, and our eternal destiny.

The Four Levels of Happiness
Suffering, Love, and Eternal Life

Suffering can be a tremendous opportunity – if we view it within the context of love and eternal life.

Escaping Your Personal Hell

When we spend our lives consumed by comparing ourselves to others, we may end up in “our personal hell”. How can we get out?

Why Would a Loving God Allow Suffering?
Getting Started on Prayer – Spontaneous Prayers
The Four Levels of Happiness

Virtue and Freedom

Articles Videos
A Summary of Catholic Social Teaching Virtue, Faith, And Freedom
Six Principles of Individual Dignity and Rights
Moral Conversion and Resisting Temptation
The Reality of Spiritual Evil
The Deadly Sins
The Stages of Christian Mysticism – a Summary

Reality of Jesus

Articles Videos
Who is God? The Father of the Prodigal Son The Reasonableness of Jesus Christ
Science and the Shroud of Turin Shroud of Turin Video Presentation by Father Spitzer
Contemporary Scientifically Validated Miracles Associated with Blessed Mary, Saints and the Holy Eucharist
Historical Evidence of Jesus’ Miracles
The Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist—History and Evidence

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